For those who practice shooting professionally, it is very important to get suitable rifles to shoot in short and long-distance without having to change weapons or settings. In addition, we take the best 1-8x and 1-10x scopes for these rifles.

Unfortunately, there are few best rifle scopes that offer such flexibility in distances, although manufacturers are increasingly trying to remedy this shortage. In that sense, companies appeal to the production of scopes with an increase of 1: 8 or 1-8x.

This advance would not be possible without assembly technology and a lens design that has increased its potential over the years so that they are more precise, economical, and lightweight. Quality has been superimposed over factors that used to matter – prestigious brands – but that today is represented by a plural market.

There is no doubt that the 1-8x scope and 1-10x scope models are specialized, but for the right person, it becomes the perfect complement for their practices abroad, especially when compared to other scopes.

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Top 6 Best 1-8x, 1-10x Scope 2021 – Comparison Table

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What is the Difference Between First Focal Plane and Second Focal Plane?

The focus plane matters a lot in hunting and it is a science that many entrepreneurs of this sport should know. With a first or second focal plane, your precision is seen in the play, and this determines if it is good for hunting.

To know in focus what the “focal plane” is regardless of your first or second presentation, you must know that it is a grid. The reticle is the circle of vision that all telescopes, scopes or sights have, is the life of the product, its function.

A good reticle has to be wide, at least 30 mm in diameter, to cover your viewing comfort. Without comfort, there is no good shot, and you must learn this long before you start your hunting sport.

The grids are divided into “foreground” and “background,” respectively; some brands focus on some more than others. The comfort in these modalities already depends on you; the use of both is correct; the choice is already in your sight.

The first focal shot of a rifle scope is when you zoom in and focus on your target while the rest disappears. If you point at a deer and zoom in on its foreground, you can see it more clearly, and the reticle affects its size.

The second focal plane is when you enlarge the image, but the reticle does not affect its size tomorrow; it remains the same. Many people prefer a reticle in the background because it improves the accuracy of their shot by having a more accurate measurement.

In the scopes, you will only have one reticle available, foreground, or background, but not both in a single product. The use depends on you, with what type of reticle you feel more comfortable and have a better shooting precision.

Does Magnification Matter in Scopes Selection?

Magnification in the forest when you are hunting deer or other animals matters much more than you think. Hunting is extremely difficult because it requires skills such as keeping quiet, knowing how to walk, breathe, aim, and shoot with great precision.

To achieve your hunting goal, you must have good products at your disposal, a rifle, and a good scope. Without these two things, your path to success will be at stake and will make your experience very difficult and annoying.

Buy a quality close-up or second-shot rifle scope that gives you precision and a low margin of error. The vision reticle plays a very important role in this hobby; without it, your shot will be meaningless.

You should also understand that a good range overcomes all types of weather, no matter if you hunt in rainy or snowy times. The color in your reticle will give you an advantage; with a green, orange, red, or traditional, you will notice the difference and the focus.

It is all a matter of getting informed, comparing, and buying the best scope product, take options like Leupold, your focus is high. In summary, if the extension of your scope is important, acquire the one that exceeds more than 33x so that its precision is good.

Top 6 Best 1-8x, 1-10x Scopes Reviews

Importance of using telescopic sights is essential, and this is because, without the help of scope, there is no approach to objects. This riflescope is made by Trijicon, a brand that is famous for letting people know who they are. This international brand is responsible for manufacturing all scopes for any shooters (hunters or target shooters).

1. Trijicon Credo HX Riflescope

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The Credo HX Riflescope is available for many different reticles and boasts excellent build quality. It has high-quality lenses, can be used with both eyes open, and contains an excellent reticle for long shots. Compared to other similar models from other brands, this rifle’s advantages are greater and more beneficial.

Everything is not perfect, and this riflescope has its disadvantages. However, they are very few, and this causes them to be overlooked when buying it. It offers very comfortable isolation in any light. The LED brightness settings are selectable by the user through an “off.” The clarity is present from edge to edge. It has multilayers, wide bands, anti-reflectors that provide excellent light transmissions, and much more.

Adjustments are very easy and fast, and the sharp adjusters are precise; plugged adjusters ensure no accidental changes. It includes a wide variety of components: hoods, bikini tops, one battery, warranty cards, guides, and much more.

2. UTG 1-8X28 30mm Scope

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This article belongs to one of the most important armory companies in the United States, with high and medium-range manufacturing in regards to accessories such as the 1-8x scope.

In that sense, this article is about a rifle scope with 1-8x magnification, with a 28mm objective lens and a 30mm tube. Its most prominent feature, in addition to the distance, is its Mil-dot reticle that incorporates 36 colors to improve lighting.

The UTG Scope has a minimum parallax setting of 32 meters and a field of vision that extends up to 3 kilometers, making it the ideal accessory for professional shooters.

The 5-inch eye relief, its weight of 500 grams, the CR2032 battery, and its folding lens caps -which do not include rings-, are mixed with other qualities of this scope: scope, light transmission, and its preparation.

Some manufacturers in the market assume that medium-range shooters are of worse potential than any of their items. However, this article promises to separate prejudices from reality with a perfect presentation for the house.

From its compressed air cannons to the 1-8x field objective, this AccuShot scope meets the fundamental and profound requirements in terms of optics and practicality.

Something that stands out particularly in this 1-8x scope is eye flexibility. Hunting does not always occur in open, clear, and illuminated spaces, so the reticle makes work easier. The color palette also greatly influences the sharpness of the lenses regardless of the distances.

In the shooting range, the increase is low, but many professional shooters confess that these increases are their favorites, because, with higher ones, the location can be confusing, altering the field of vision.

As the viewfinder is UTG, the reticle is made of etched glass, superior to those of wire, because it replaces this material with the laser, making it more precise.

Similarly, lighting is considered a success in these tools whose main objective is to improve the shooting landscape, with a firmer perimeter.


It is a scope manufactured to impact, shock, and fog, so it can be used in broad daylight and in the absolute blackness of the night. It is waterproof and has a color memory system that incorporates brightness.

As an armory accessory, it is designed with EZ-TAB technology of the RGB reticle – red, green, black – with a zero lock and an automatic system to restore the lens turrets. It can also be obtained in a black mote or emerald green.


For some customers, the weight of this scope might be too much to be a mid-range product. However, in general matters, there is no damage in terms of assembly and product execution.

3. Primary Arms Silver Series 1-8×24 Scope

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Primary Arms scope for 308 is planted as a 2021 innovation for its contributions in shooting and preparation that allows shooters, military, and war veterans.

The most prominent feature of this 1-8x scope is its observation system, assembled with the objective of requiring minimal training. It is also a low-price article that demonstrates how quality and economy can coexist in the same product.

On the other hand, its patented ACSS system mixes the compensation of the shots with the retention of the air currents and the destination. It has a simple focal plane design that increases up to 8 times, making way for its advanced features.

The range of this scope varies between 300 and 700 meters, adhering to the versatility of the high and medium-range ranges. It works with a CR2032 lithium battery and is also armed with a click value of ½ MOA.

As for the exit pupil diameter, the dimensions are from 9 mm to 1X up to 3 mm to 8X. The relief of the low eyes is 3.50 inches, while. The general field view exceeds 3 kilometers away.

Other features are added to the second focal plane, such as the illumination of the reticle, the night vision, and the objective diameter of 24 mm. Also, the diameter of the tube is 30 mm and the turrets have lids, are low profile, and adjustable. The increase is variable and completes all the basic qualities with a net weight of 400 grams.

The great impact of this product, however, comes from the hand of its reticle, according to what a 1-8x scope should offer. Primary Arms made an accessory that covers height and width perfectly.

On the other hand, those less experienced with this accessory can use the user manual included in the box, which explains step by step strengths, weaknesses, and warnings about this scope.


Obviously, the price is an area that deserves mention when talking about this article, especially when it is related to the quality of assembly and execution.

The grid as a fundamental factor for the performance of this resource is also a remarkable quality. The shooters who use this scope agree that the operation is coupled to long and short distances as easily as if it were a high-end tool.


A problem that persists in Primary Arms products – and that creeps into this scope – affects short and fixed actions. Sometimes, to the taste of some, it ends up being too overwhelming in perimeters whose limit is, for example, 10 or 20 meters.

However, all that is rewarded by the 1-8x eye relief, which fits properly.

4. Trijicon AccuPower 1-8×28 Riflescopes

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When it comes to mentioning the best models of 1-10x scope or 1-8x scope, this copy cannot be left out of the list, since it is not only one of the most fantastic scopes designed in the industry, but the most functional one that has created by Trijicon to date.

In the opinion of the users, the most outstanding feature of the AccuPower is its multifunctional grid. In addition to getting the segmented circle for precision over short distances, an MOA grid is also added for wider extensions.

When it comes to calibration, ammunition, and barrel lengths, this tool incorporates multiple functions that are fairly simple to handle, especially for artillery and armory specialists.

The technical specifications of this product begin with its expansion. Logically, it is a 1-8×28 focal foreground scope, with a target size of 28 mm and 34 mm of the tube. A little heavier than the previous models, this specimen adds 700 grams fully assembled.

It works with a CR2032 lithium battery that can last up to 31 hours in continuous operation with maximum brightness. However, when attenuated, the service life extends a couple of hours. The grid pattern, meanwhile, is MOA in green or red – which fluctuates when it is day or night.

Other features that add to those already mentioned are the 4-inch eye relief; the field of vision, oscillating; the hard-coated anodized aluminum that assembles the housing, and its impermeability.

As it is an FFP range, that is, in the foreground, the under voltages work optimally at any increase. And although many shooters agree that SFP AccuPower scopes are better, the truth is that this model highlights its excellent constitution.

Weight and length is another issue worth mentioning in this article because although it exceeds those of others in the same class, it is not uncomfortable for handling in the open field. Just get used to holding it and practice the range with the scope above.


The multifunctional reticle is, together with the first focal plane, the greatest advantage that this scope proposes for its users. It is independent of the extension and has a segmented peephole that perfectly points to short distances.

On the other hand, the 11 brightness settings available avoid any complications regarding shooting conditions at different times of the day. Or in other words: the goal of day and night looks just as well.


Without a doubt, it is in the presence of an article of the highest quality, whose damage is barely imperceptible. However, if something is shocking to customers is the price.

As a high-end product, it rises diametrically to the previously designed products and the characteristics, if they are carefully reviewed, they stand out in an important aspect, but they do not manage to overcome themselves in issues such as battery life, for example.

5. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Scope

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Manufactured by one of the most prestigious companies and recognized for its quality standards, this scope undoubtedly stands out among the rest for its levels of increase, its lifetime warranty, and the versatility it boasts in long-range shooting scenarios. For better suggestions, you check the best vortex scopes of this year.

This Vortex model is made with certain features that interest customers and future customers. However, the main attraction comes from the hand of the price, since it is a product – like many of its kind – that assembles high and medium-range armory equipment without compromising quality or its reputation in the market.

Logically, this is a 1-8x scope, with a 24mm objective lens diameter, a 24-inch eye relief, and a field of view that extends above 90 meters.

Ergonomically, the tube that assembles this article has a length of 30 mm and is made of a turret with a cap style that joins the MOA medium graduation setting.

Other aspects that are included in its general characteristics are the rotation travel of 44 MOA, the maximum wind adjustment of 100 MOA, the length of 10 inches, and a net weight of 500 grams.

With an unparalleled prominence, the sharpness of this product is what stands out the most. It has a glass specially designed to capture close-ups and 800 yards at its different levels of magnification, between 1x and 8x.

In terms of compatibility and performance, it should be said that this Vortex article adapts to any sports rifle, such as the AR 15 or the A 10, although it also provides outstanding performance in any firearm whose cartridge is 5.56.

In terms of lighting, this 1-8x scope is armed with an AR-BDC that works in several configurations. In that sense, the grid changes from red to black as levels fluctuate from minimum to maximum. That same reticle is etched in glass to protect vision and ensure longevity.


As the optics are compact, the use of this scope is not complicated at all. In the case of professional shooters or shooting fans, with the manual included in the box, it will be more than simple to venture with this Vortex accessory.

The affordability should not go unnoticed, as it is an attribute that many web shoppers value for this article when compared, for example, with the one described above.

Likewise, when you get this one, customers will be satisfied when they experience how their purchase combines quality, durability, and economy without being unchanged.


The biggest drawback that people with this scope find is the absence of parallax because the optics are programmed to be free of this in the first 90 meters. Solving this problem, although easy, is annoying.

Another issue that worries is its weight, a solid 700 grams that far outweigh the supports of other brands. It’s all about adapting and balancing the weight with the help of some other Vortex accessories.

6. MINOX 66590 Scope

[amazon box=”B00HWTPZ7K”]

Long ago, the German company MINOX, whose most important branch is located in the United States, presented a line with optics tactics within which it included the model 66590 ZP8 TAC, to compete with the rest of 1-8x scope and 1-10x scope in the market.

This product, for multiple reasons, is a direct challenge for all those tactical scopes that belong to the Premium 1-8x category. However, due to its size, weight, and other equally important characteristics, it is a product worthy of the last – but not worse – place in this count.

To immediately address the specific characteristics, it is enough to say that the magnification of this article is 1-8x, with a target size of 24 millimeters, a tube size of 34 mm, and a length that exceeds 295 mm.

Surpassing the scope of Vortex, Minox is awarded the heaviest range award, with a product that rubs 750 grams but compensates with 3.5-inch eye relief, a 10.3-3 mm exit pupil, and a field of vision that easily extends 150 meters.

Similarly, wind resistance and elevation adjustment -of 10 MRAD-, are outstanding qualities of this article, which bind to others such as the focal foreground reticle and lighting. Like everyone in its class, this scope works with CR2032 lithium batteries with digital power control.

Differentiating from German companies that refuse to manufacture tactical optics for the North American territory, Minox offers the best of the best with a scope that does not have a fixed parallax and that extends more than 200 meters, just as it should be with the items Short and medium-range shooting.

This article offers a true 1X objective at its lower end, although it resists eye relief to be able to keep it for very long segments. Either way, the field of vision stands out for its width, which is especially helpful for those erratic sight shooters.


Joining the clan of scopes of good reticles, this model stands out for it and this is what users see on online websites. The brightness and contrast settings make this Minox an especially useful item for daytime scenarios.

Just as the reticle stands out, the assembly and handling should also be mentioned as an important quality, widely compressible even for those who in their life have dealt with this armory equipment.


As repeated throughout this article, quality and economy do not have to rival. However, Minox attached an exorbitant price to its largest and heaviest product compared to other high and medium-range products.

Finally, and leaving aside the questions of price, the peso takes the worst part on the subject of criticism. Many users complain that the scope may become too cumbersome at times, but only until the perfect angle to stay in position is achieved.

Best 1-8x And 1-10x Scopes 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

As has been read throughout this article, scope accessories are assembled with diverse characteristics, but it is also true that some weigh above others. This is, in short, to which true attention should be paid.

The main objective of the scopes is to achieve an adequate increase, be the distance in question. However, that is influenced by two elements that are indispensable: weight and size.

With each new 1-8x ratio, users notice that their rifles are heavier. Certainly, they do not become a killer of several kilos, but the mass increases despite its light appearance and appearance.

This benefits the short and long-distance shots, but also creates a rivalry that is discussed in forums and shooters blogs: is a long and short-range heavy rifle, or a regular light rifle better?

Like everything in life, the answers are relative. Some people consider that for their work they do not require such a distinctive scope, while for others it becomes a real necessity.

These particular cases occur especially when people just throw in ranges that exceed 400 meters, getting closer to half a kilometer. To achieve the goal without sacrificing the aim, the 1-8x scopes become the most useful complement.

An idea that lends itself to relieve weight is the inclination of the rifle. Many handles ensure that the load is minimized by moving it away from the drill shaft. Either way, you also have to pay attention to the design, as many rifles are assembled to maintain balance, but once a heavy and spectacular sight is mounted, the handling characteristics turn bad.

A recommendation for users? Mount the telescope near the eye, maintaining an eye relief on the sight glass shaft, without worrying too much about the weight distribution and considering how long you can keep your balance by charging your device.

Fortunately, scopes ranging from 1-8x and 1-10x are designed for long distances. To know which are the best in the market, a selection of those that stand out for their characteristics and comments in the online market is presented below.

Magnification Vs Size & Weight

At this point, it is appropriate to underline that the density of a scope rarely has to do with the quality of its preparation. However, for shooters, a solid and solid accessory is quite curious.

Here veterans of the fans rival, because while the former claim that the increase in scope is not entirely related to the size of the tube or the weight of the scope, the latter firmly affirms that it is.

For those who face the purchase of this product for the first time, take into account that a good quality product is solid without being heavy. It will take, whether you like it or not, an additional 500 or 600 grams in the rifle, which will be rewarded for shooting skills.

Field of View Complications

A well-made scope should offer a clear field of vision and adaptable to the different colors, times, and spaces of the day. Therefore, it is essential to get one who meets all the qualities and does so by fulfilling the basic and advanced functions of a scope.

To have a reference, the scopes of 1-8x must have a field of vision that rubs 90 meters, firmly touches 100 meters, and, as far as possible, extends from this distance. As a quality, it adds enough points for first-time buyers and those who are planning to change their scope.


To get a good shot you first need a good approach. That, precisely, is the function of the reticle. And all the options that were reviewed previously have a surprising versatility and quality level.

The reticle, like a peephole, allows you to assemble a visual composition and becomes an omnipresent rule for all companies that manufacture scopes. The objectives may find this factor invisible, but for the viewer; that is, the shooter, it is almost impossible to reach a shot without a reticle.

Everything that includes the graphic is related to the grid. Therefore, it is better to find one that transits through levels of brightness, contrast, and lighting. That resists temperatures and is, of course, waterproof.

Adjustment Ranges

As stated throughout the article, the strong point of all the products reviewed was that they adapted to an adjustment range of 1-8x. This allows reaching quite deep distances with an optimal material and an additional weight.

However, when talking about this configuration in the range, the ability to aim at a medium and short distance should be taken as a reference. From there, scopes can be maintained at 1-8x, increase or decrease as required.

Be that as it may, the adjustment ranges differ precisely because it is a function that depends on the intrinsic needs of the buyer. In addition, and for the tranquility of many, it is difficult, with technological advancement, to achieve a scope with disastrous adjustment.

Under Budget Scopes of 1-8x

Here comes into question a characteristic that is totally subjective, but if something should be clear is that with scopes, as with many armory products or any other field, price is not always related to quality.

This is not an exhortation to always resort to the most economical options, but it is an invitation to appreciate the characteristics and qualities of those mid-range products that, while saving a lot in the client’s pocket, are left aside from expensive options.

Buying a low-budget scope has, of course, its adverse factors, but every product designed for the armory will probably have it. The primary advice? Choose the one based on a complete analysis of the qualities of the article and how they relate to the functions that are required.

The companies mentioned above are, in general, of medium gamma; and yet they have managed to position themselves among a group of consumers that can be quite picky.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far can you shoot with a 10x scope?

Many people can be impressed by the presence of scopes that have a magnification of up to 30x. However, for most hunting situations, the maximum magnification that scopes can reach is 10x. That causes the fighters to reach a maximum at ranges of around 300 yards.

  • What increase do I need for 500 yards?

It is very important to have the correct increases to make the most accurate shots from about 500 yards away. The minimum level of magnification that shooters will need for shots at 500 yards is 5x for any target that is not very large. This level of increase will be on the lower side for most shots aimed at 500 yards.

  • What magnification do I need to shoot for 100 yards?

Looking at a man or animal from 100 yards away with 1x magnification will be the same as looking 100 yards away without magnification. Looking at a man 100 yards away at 2x magnification will make him appear to be about 50 yards away. The 3x magnification will make any target at a distance appear to be about 33.3 meters away.

4x magnification brings targets four times closer, making them appear the same size as other targets 100 yards away. For precision work at 100 yards, any of the 2-10x values ​​are fine to shoot.

  • 1-8x And 1-10x Scope which I need to pick?

The choice of a 1-8x or 1-10x scope depends on the needs and activities that a person will be doing on a day of hunting or other reasons. Each of these viewing ranges provides the best benefits for the required range at a distance.

However, everyone has their right time to be used in the rifles used for hunting activities. People must know how to choose which of these ranges of vision are the most ideal and suitable for their weapons.


Like any product that responds to an optical need, the 1-8x scope has the function of improving the image and making the lens sharper once it is focused. Therefore, functionality and versatility must go hand in hand with the purchase made.

Of all the products reviewed above, each one stands out for something in particular. Just as Vortex’s strong point lies in its brightness and sharpness levels, others outperform the rest inaccuracy, accuracy, and chances of success.

Speaking specifically, the tubes that hold those lenses depend on a focusing mechanism or reticle. At this point, everyone seems to stand strong in the market and explain all the qualities of support that are considered correct for any type of weapon.

Based on all of the above, it is clear that a 1-8x range has the function of improving the sharpness of the focus and allowing sudden changes in length so that shooters can shoot short and long-distance with the same precision and success.

For this, characteristics such as the weight and density of the materials must be sacrificed, which are rewarded with their assembly, versatility, and impermeability.

As each customer is different, you may feel identified with any of the products or other suggestions. However, whatever your choice, you must adhere to two fundamental requests: Adaptation and fulfillment of what you want.

Each client is waiting for their scope to help them perform better in the shooting range, so they should be guided from that instinct to find the item that suits their needs.

Adapting to this will have to do with mastering the ranges, weight, and distances, while compliance is taken as the tacit commitment that exists between the company and its customers to offer them quality products that perform the appropriate functions, in time and precise moment.

Personally, the Vortex model, for its price, versatility, and advantages, is made as one of the favorite armory accessories. It is durable, moderately light, and receives the best reviews on web pages of inquiries.

Finally, it remains to be said that it is a scope that meets what has been professing about high and medium ranges, demonstrating that, although customers arrive for prices, they remain because of the quality, guarantee, and functionality they find.

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