Best 3 Gun ScopesThe Best 3 Gun Scope is one that suits any of the shooting practice sports. Get. Scopes for 3 guns are for tactical/defensive use being used to obtain better shots. Tactical shooting games must have a range that adapts to any of the three weapons you use.

Weapon ranges are used to get a better view of targets during shooting practice while improving accuracy. Although the competitor has a good concentration, a weapon range allows him to give better shots during military training. Practicing sports shooting can be a great sport that improves the vision, concentration, and shooting precision of all three weapons.

Top 10 Scope for 3 Gun 2021 – Comparison Table

Vortex Optics Strikefire II4.6/5 Check Price
Burris Fastfire III4.2/5 Check Price
Weaver Tactical 1-5x24mm4.1/5 Check Price
Vortex Optics Crossfire
Editor's Choice
4.6/5 Check Price
Leupold Mark 84.1/5 Check Price
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle4.7/5 Check Price
Bushnell Optics Reticle4.4/5 Check Price
Vortex Optics Second Focal Plane4.7/5 Check Price
UTG 3X Magnifier4/5 Check Price
BARSKA Level HD3.5/5 Check Price

You must have a good range to be able to shoot accurately with both pistols, long weapons, and club shooting for a better experience. Knowing what Scope you need is a matter of studying each of the scopes that will be described soon. The ideal is to get brands that are professional in creating perfectly adaptable ranges for the three weapons used.

The 3gun scope has grown a lot in the market and along with its competition. Every day more competitors struggle to demonstrate their capabilities on the playing field, forcing you to have better elements. The three arms competition is a great shooting sport that involves new generations in practice. See our top 10 best rifle scopes now.

If you want to have a better performance during practices and competition, you must have a better range for better results. Once you shoot three pistols with the appropriate range, you will feel that your adrenaline rises to the maximum managing to advance. Check the manufacturers of optics that will be seen below and achieve better results from your shooting sport.

Top 10 Best 3 Gun Scopes On The Market Reviews

We pick only those 3 gun scope which comes under your budget and performs best in the field right now. So, set back and read the guide to choose one of them.

1) Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sights

Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot SightsVortex Optics Strikefire II is a scope that you cannot miss in your shooting practices because they provide better results on the field. The price of these 3 gun optics is economical so that they are useful to you, avoiding humidity and dust. This 3-weapon shooting optics gives you eye relief to better locate all your targets and shoot at the target. It is versatile and reliable. It has a high-quality red dot. It has buttons to turn on and off easily. It is resistant to moisture and dust. It is ideal for rifles and other weapons. It has a lifetime guarantee, thanks to the quality.

On the other hand, with Vortex Optics Strikefire II, you can choose the color of the point to make your shots more effective. Thanks to the 3-pistol scope design, you can count on fast recoil and resistance to impacts. The main sales of this product are made because they provide a lightweight approach to move in multiple directions easily.

Battery life takes an average of 12 hours, making it easy for you to have an illuminated reticle. The magnification of this binocular is 1x, being one of the best brands on the market for greater confidence. People who have little experience in the sport of the three weapons can use this binocular to improve a lot.


  • Style Name: Red / Green Dot.
  • Estimated target location time: 2 seconds
  • It has several grid colors.
  • Product dimensions: 18.4x 15.9x 7.6 cm
  • It is a device that takes up to 300 hours with maximum brightness and 6000 with minimum brightness adjustment with the lights on.
  • Improve the field view by giving you precise objectives
  • You can quickly mount the weapon and shoot towards the targeted target
  • It does not have an adjustment for a focal plane being better for use by beginners

It is a great scope for beginners who are willing to improve their skills while spending little money, If you need a reliable scope, to buy Vortex Optics Strike fire II Red DotSights and make precision shots.

2) Burris Fastfire III

Burris Fastfire IIIThis is a highly accurate scope that places an unmistakable red dot to direct you to the targeted target. If you need to improve the field of view in the range of 3 gun optics, this is the best accessory you can buy. The speed advantage he gains is immediate, which gives him many advantages over enemies on the field.

This is a great 3 gun ar15 optics option if you want something more professional to train. The design of the optics is light but of great quality that you can use for your main search views. You can also use BurrisFastfire III with another existing view by matching the object on top of it.

The best way to describe BurrisFastfire III is by talking about a versatile scope that gives better visions. The brightness sensor allows you to adjust this range to the playing field conditions automatically or manually. This is a lens that is indispensable for short-range shorts due to the overall precision of the lens.

In general, when you review the technical specifications of Burris Fast fire III, you can see that it works for any type of pistol. All-optical pistols work with this kit and give you a greater scope of competition with your enemies. It has eight MOA-type moon grids for you to adjust elevation without having to use any tools in the field.


  • Style Name: 300236-Picatinny Mount, 8 MOA
  • Product dimensions: 18.3x 6.4x 0.5 cm
  • Approximate shot measurement time: Immediately.
  • Reticle colors: red.
  • Gives a better precision of the point of impact.
  • Improves the field of vision
  • Shooting advantage is immediate to win on the field
  • It is versatile, and you can choose the automatic brightness.
  • You can choose the point of 3 MOA for rifles and 8 MOA for short shots
  • Works with all-optical guns
  • It is an excellent competitive shooting range
  • It is limited to targets that are far away

When you need a short-range shot, you can freely use BurrisFastfire III. It is a scope to set fast targets giving you more chances to beat all opponents on the field. Good shooters can even hit this range from afar.

3) Weaver Tactical 1-5x24mm 800364

Weaver Tactical 1-5x24mm 800364It is a high-quality scope that can last in perfect condition for a long time. It is used for rifles and hunting spyglasses being the best to have a better precision of targets at a distance. It has 3 gun optics, which will make you a better shooter in training or field competition.

If you want equipment that has an extra coating on the outside, this is the one that can meet your needs. You can have the magnification of 1x you are looking for and be able to expand thanks to it reaching up to 5x range. It has a spare pipe to continue training if the first battery is discharged.

A general point of this Scope is that you can shoot at short and intermediate distances without having to worry about a thing. Its technology relies on the illuminated reticle to focus the focal plane toward targets in the field. Shooting at targets is almost immediate, giving you a huge advantage for 3 guns ar 15 optics. It is flexible so you can adapt to the required ranges. Its close-up focal reticle allows you to shoot faster. Gives a greater concentration on the playing field. It has a guarantee that will last a lifetime

It is clear that in the game of three pistols, the objective is that you can shoot at various ranges. With weaver tactical, you can have better approaches by taking shots that are accurate while having just what you need to gain an advantage. This Scope is suitable for both beginners and shooters who have intermediate experience in the playing field.


  • Style Name: Waevertactical 1-5x24mm 800364
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3x 36.8x 7.6cm
  • Approximate shot measurement time: immediate
  • Reticle color: Red
  • High-value Scope for precise objectives.
  • 1 to 5x range setting.
  • Ideal for medium and short-term shooting
  • Used to detect the target almost immediately
  • Improve eyesight
  • It is limited to long-distance ranges

Weaver tactical is a scope that you can use to improve your eye vision at short and intermediate points. If you want to have clearer objectives, you can adjust the focal plane from 1x to 5x locating your enemies in the field. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate people who want to learn about the most accurate shooting of 3 weapons.

4) Vortex Optics Crossfire

Vortex Optics CrossfireIt is one of the most prestigious scopes on the market because it offers you shooting precision. Among the lightest and most compact best 3 gun scopes on the market is vortex optics crossfire red dot sight. The best thing about this Scope is that you can have a better distortion-proof view with its 1x magnification.

The illuminated red reticle allows you to set the target well for immediate, highly accurate shooting. This Scope is made to set nearby targets and to medium target ranges. You can adjust to 2 MOA when your practices are daytime, making you do a shot planning almost immediately.

For more experienced players it will be no problem shooting from a long distance with this vortex optics Scope. The vortex optics brand never ceases to surprise by launching the most specific scopes with very suitable uses on the market. It has a skeletonized mount that gives you two height options to be functional to use with rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

With this Scope, you don’t have to worry about hitting the field of play because it is designed to resist hitting. You choose the weapons you will use on the competition terrain because it adapts to everyone. For daily practices, it is very good because the quality of the product made of aluminum and nitrogen purged will last forever. It has eleven brightness levels for better adjustments. You can shoot with the garlic open.


  • Style Name: CF-RD1
  • Product Dimensions: 11.9x 14.4x 6.9x cm
  • Approximate shot measurement time: immediate
  • Reticle color: Red
  • Perfect for daytime workouts due to its 2 MOA setting
  • You can attract targets quickly
  • With the red light, you can give precise shots.
  • Can be used with rifles, shotguns, and pistols
  • It is durable with lifetime guarantees
  • It is limited to night practice
  • Its range is limited for long distances

Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight Gen aims to improve daytime vision on the playing field. It has a perfect balance so that there are no wind problems, which gives you precision objectives. If you are an amateur player who likes to have all the best on the field of play, you can look for this Scope.

5) Leupold Mark 8 CQBSS 1.1-8x24mm

Leupold Mark 8 CQBSS 1.1-8x24mmThe Leupold mark eight design is made to adapt to the most difficult gaming situations by resisting the wind. You decide what elevation you want to give to target high and low targets on the field of play. With the magnification range of 8, you can shoot at distant targets thanks to its front interval light.

Leupold Mark 8 CQBSS is the best three gun optics that give you everything you need in seconds. For rifle ranges, it is perfect because it has a very versatile design increasing the ranges easily. Improve your eye vision by allowing you to shoot with your eyes open without making it a problem by setting 8 x magnifications. It has a magnification range of up to 8. It is ideal for use with rifles and shotguns. Shooters improve eye field vision. Prevents accidental movements by sharpening the point of impact.

If you need the best 3 gun scopes, you can consider buying this Scope because it offers freedom of elevation and low. If the targets are close, you can use the short ranges, and if they are long distances, use the long-range. This is a scope that avoids accidental movements as much as possible because it has automatic adjustments to lock a target.

The Leupold & Stevens brand is of American origin, and all its products comply with the best quality and precision standards. The support of this company is more than 100 years facilitating its prestige and trust in the market. If you are within the United States, you can confidently order this three-weapon Scope.


  • Style Name: 1101121 Outdoor Sports Telescopic Sights
  • Product Dimensions: 33.8x 14.4x 9.3 cm
  • Approximate shot measurement time: seconds shots
  • Reticle Color: Red with M-TMR Front Focal Illumination
  • Wind resistance and travel elevation.
  • It is ideal for training and daytime competitions
  • It has a front light that helps to choose the objectives
  • It is designed for daytime workouts

Leupold Mark 8 is a scope to get closer to your targets, giving you precise shots and movement advantages. You can move around the field without looking too heavy because it is a very light design that you can easily use. Thanks to the focal plane, it gives a consistent increase to estimate the range making more potential shots.

6) Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

Vortex Optics Strike EagleStrike Eagle is a design that allows you to move around the field and shoot by locating targets at a long distance quickly. For the three pistol scope review, this is one of the best thanks to the adaptation of various scenarios. It is a versatile design that allows shooters to hit targets and attack them immediately, even in more extended ranges.

Thanks to the thread lever, you can place the increases you need to specify the shots you will make at the target. This Scope adapts to any weapon because its Scope focuses on short and long distances according to your purposes. Thanks to the illuminated reticle, you can focus your eye directly on the target giving you shots of 650 yards of known distance. You can find 650-yard targets. Has anti-reflective coatings. It is perfect for night competitions. It is not limited by rain or fog.

This model has anti-reflective coatings, which allow the light transmission to be clearer when finding the targets. The design of this Scope is waterproof thanks to the fact that it is designed with purged nitrogen having an aluminum tube. Strike Eagle is shockproof, preventing you from being affected by blows when searching for your targets.

In general, this product is perfect for short and long-term goals, adapting perfectly to the field of play. You can be confident that dust, rain, or night fog will not affect you in finding targets. Achieve control of the field of play by achieving objectives and shooting within a second after having them well located.


  • Style Name: Focal Plane Riflescopes
  • Product Dimensions: with 30mm tube and aeronautical grade
  • Approximate shot measurement time: As your speed
  • Reticle color: illuminated BDC3
  • It is fast and versatile
  • Fits any setting
  • Allows you to achieve objectives over short and long distances quickly
  • It has a threaded ring to place more magnification
  • The price is higher than the other scopes

Strike Eagle is a great scope perfect for night competitions where you need to achieve objectives quickly. In the game of the three weapons you need to be fast and precise, and this Scope provided everything more easily. Because it transmits more light, you can find your targets without making much effort on sight.

7) Bushnell Optics Reticle Riflescope

Bushnell Optics Reticle RiflescopeBushnell Optics Drop Zone-223 is made for rifles, although it can be adapted to other types of weapons such as shotguns or pistols. With this eyepiece scope, you can have the best 3 gun scopes on the competition terrain. Its design focuses on giving maximum precision when it comes to mastering the tactical scenario of the game.

The reliability of this Scope is based on the optical precision combined with the robust reliability of the materials used. It has a flexible performance that can be adapted for the shooters faster, allowing it to hit the target with no problem. Up to 100 yards, you can visualize with this range, which gives you a short to medium range target capacity.


  • Style Name: AR91424 telescopic sights
  • Product Dimensions: 34.3x 9.9x 7.9 cm
  • Approximate shot measurement time: At the discretion of the shooter
  • Reticle Color: Drop Zone-223 BDC
  • It is perfect for medium ranges
  • It provides speed and fast shooting movements
  • It gives reliability to accurate shots
  • The performance provided is immediate
  • Allows you to make target locations up to 100 yards
  • It is limited to targets exceeding 100 yards

You can have 500-yard aiming points if you are a more experienced marksman achieving good objectives. This is the 3 gun optics when you have targets that are close or intermediate to locate without problems.

8) Vortex Optics Second Focal Plane

Vortex Optics Second Focal PlaneIt is an updated Strike Eagle model that allows you to adjust distances from 1x to 6x, giving you more precision. All shooters want to find a balance point where their targets are found without having to troubleshoot them. How much with a 3 gun AR 15 optics that help you achieve close targets and also at long distances.

As it is an improved design, it changes its original focus for a screw lever to adjust the distances of the target. It has an illuminated reticle BDC3 for a better focus of the shooter finding the targets more quickly in short and long-distances. Up to 650 yards, you can locate targets by giving you the direction of movement.


  • Style Name: B0876SHNRQ Focal Plane Riflescopes
  • Product Dimensions: 30mm tube with aeronautical grade
  • Approximate shot measurement time: At the discretion of the shooter
  • Reticle color: BDC3
  • Allows you a quick dial focus
  • Better eye vision at long distances
  • Generates better light transmission due to glass design
  • It is perfect in night practice
  • Resists shocks and other impacts
  • It is more functional at night than during the day

Improved Strike Eagle gives you wide distances to make it easy to locate game targets. Achieve better precision on the pitch by shooting at your targets with complete freedom and precision.

9) UTG 3X Magnifier with Flip-to-side

UTG 3X Magnifier with Flip-to-sideThis is a 3 gun ar15 optics that allow you to see your targets with total clarity thanks to the design. Thanks to the multilayer lenses made in broadband technology, it gives you 3x of precise angles. You can make a height adjustment so you can focus on your sight from your distance without taking risks.

It gives you a 100-yard field of view, being a mid-range focus that you can use with confidence. The quality of this product is guaranteed, and best of all, its price is affordable for everyone. Competitors just starting the three-weapon game can start using this type of Scope.


  • Style Name: B00s2FWRGK with adjustable E
  • Product Dimensions: 17x 9.3x 5.5 cm
  • Approximate shot measurement time: less than two seconds
  • Reticle color: Magnifier STD-10912
  • Multilayer lenses for greater precision
  • 100-yard location distance
  • With eye adjustment with diopter correction
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Limited on long-range targets

This is a spectacular scope when you want to have a better view of the target during the day. It is a bit limited for night practice due to its design. It has a long life, thanks to the materials used.

10) BARSKA Level HD 1-4x24mm

BARSKA Level HD 1-4x24mmIt gives you 1x to 4x vision and is one of the most advanced viewfinders for the three-weapon sport. To use rifles, they are essentially giving you a high definition of vision, finding your target easily. This is a scope for fast shots because it has an illuminated HRS reticle placing it in red and green colors.

You can purchase range rings separately if you need to have wider ranges in the field.


  • Style Name: AC12798 HD riflex level
  • Product Dimensions: 25.4x 7.6x 6.4 cm
  • Approximate shot measurement time: quick shots
  • Reticle color: red and green
  • Fully sharp visions
  • Improves sight at medium distances.
  • Precise orientation
  • Adjustments to any elevation
  • For longer ranges, you have to buy rings with higher ranges

This is a scope that you should buy if you like to have a better view of the targets by specifying the shots. Look for this Scope for breathtaking visions in a 3 gun scopes review.

What is a 3 Gun Scope?

The 3 gun scope requires you to know various targets for you to understand why you need a telescope. The viewfinders must be purchased according to the following characteristics:

  • Magnification

The competitions of the three weapons are specified by objectives of short, medium ranges, and long distances. Ideally, you should buy a telescope that gives you adjustable ranges for all possible situations

  • Reticle

The reticle is made to draw the shooter’s attention to the center so that you can reach the trigger. On the other hand, the reticle must be able to handle objectives that are short or long-range

  • Eye Relief

Ideally, using ranges is not to force the eye to find targets and shoot them at long range. All 3-gun telescopes must have guaranteed eye relief. If you are in day or night conditions, you need to facilitate the vision of the competition

  • Focal Plane

The focal plane is measured by the distance of competitors who shoot at a long-range prefer a close-up. However, for short lenses, it is better to have a second focal plane. Your conditions and preferences are the ones that influence when choosing a focal plane.

  • Illuminated Reticle

The illuminated graticules correspond to the light that is placed to measure the target more accurately. With an illuminated reticle, you can see and measure the target in night conditions.

What Equipment Will You Need for 3-Gun?

In 3-gun scopes, you will need several elements that make you play with greater precision. The equipment necessary to play the game of the three weapons is as follows:

  • Rifle

The rifle gives you better shooting accuracy with targets that are at long distances helping you with good range-

  • Shotgun

In particular, the shotgun is used for forceful shots at the medium range in the game of the three weapons.

  • Pistol

The pistol is used to face the enemy in a short distance giving a forceful objective.

  • Additional magazines and ammunition

They are used for each of the weapons, so each one has a size that allows it to give more dynamism to the game. Additional ammunition gives you protection in case you need to use it on the pitch after missing a shot

  • Accessories

Additional accessories are telescopes attached for objectives, belts, and things to carry weapons.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is the scope eye box?

It is the square space in which you can move your head without losing sight of the Scope making a better shot

  • Which Brand is good for 3 gun scope?

Several brands on the market are of good quality, such as VortexOptics, BARSKA, 3. Weaver and others are useful.

  • Vortex vs Leupold 3 gun scope?

Both brands are excellent and adapt to shooters, providing everything you need when shooting.

  • What are eye relief and exit pupil?

It is the increase that the scopes have so that the eye can rest without having any problem.


Having a proper range in the 3 Gun Scope is essential if you want to achieve a better goal when looking for opponents. Many scopes allow you to make short and long-distance shots that you can use.

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