Best Leupold Rifle Scopes Reviews 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

A good hunter always looking for a quality scope for his rifle. We guide you about the best Leupold scopes for .308 and tell you which is the best scope for you. These reviews and buyer’s guide of 2021 give you a complete understanding of the long-range scope.

Real-Time Black Friday Deals 2021

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Top 5 Best Leupold Scopes Reviews 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Then there will be a Leupold Scopes Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals, of the 4 most recommended scopes for hunters. Read it and get your best choice.

1) Leupold 110797 VX-2 3-9x40mm

Leupold 110797 VX-2 ScopeIt is perfect for targets that have a range over long distances. The lenses maximize light with the DiamandCoat coating and give stable images in any weather condition, by the combination of krypton and argon. It offers a maximum adjustable focus. The double LR reticle optimizes the range and extends the radius. Here is Leupold VX1 Vs VX2 Vs VX3 detail comparison.


It allows to save the ballistic configuration, the ends of the lenses are darkened, easy to adjust with the hand, construction resistant against water and fog, excellent zoom and the vision is sharp and bright. It is one of the cheapest Leupold Scopes 2021.

Field of view from 4.9 m to 34.6m in 100 m, eye relief is 4.2 – 3.7 “/ 106.7 – 94.0 mm, parallax is free at 150 meters, output thickness of 13.3 -4-4 mm, correction of ¼ MOA, elevation adaptation of 52 MOA, duplex reticle for a second plane, weighs 317.5 g and measures 32 cm in length.


  • For experienced hunters
  • Easy to adjust with your fingers
  • Clear images with low lighting
  • Coated lenses for better vision
  • Construction resistant
  • Raincoat
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Lightweight


  • It is not recommended for novices

The comments of the users place it in a position of 4.7 out of 5 points. Most sold Leupold Scopes reviews, they give an excellent performance in long-range accurate shots. The clarity of the objective is clear and provides a fast and accurate approach for hunters.

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2) Leupold VX-2 4-12×40 mm Riflescope

Leupold VX-2 4-12x40 ScopeIt offers easy adaptations of both parallax and elevation and wind accuracy. It offers clear images, with brightness and contrast in any climate. It is reliable, due to the elevation and adjustment systems, which allow fixing positions quickly.


Adjustment for wind and elevation of 67.00 MOA, eye relief is 4.90 to 3.70 in, the opening is 1.50 inches, the field of view is between 9.70 feet and 20.40 feet in 100 yards. The weight of 11.60 oz, the length is 12.30 inches, the tube is 1 inch in diameter, the eyepiece is 1.60 in diameter.


  • Raincoat
  • Resistant
  • Zoom 3: 1
  • Easy object adjustment
  • Marking of individualized systems
  • Lenses with dark edges, coated with DiamondCoat
  • Adaptation of ¼ MOA


  • Quite expensive
  • Only for connoisseurs

The ratings give it a score of 4.5 out of 5, but basically, the unfavorable opinions are regarding the packaging and the equipment shipment. Some users complain about the scope, but they are specific cases. In general, it fulfills what was promised.

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3) Leupold VX-3i

Leupold VX-3i RiflescopeThe double grid facilitates the setting of objectives and with clear images. Ion-coated lenses and DiamondCoat 2, in addition to the Max Twilight, provide brightness and improve illumination. So, it can have a better range in light scarce conditions and with excellent performance. Read a battle between Leupold VX3 Vs VX3i Scope and buy the best of them.


Provides an increase from 3.5 to 10x, lens diameter from 40mm to 50mm, fits 52 MOA or 113 MOA, with Double or Plex-Wind reticles. The visual field is 2.5 m to 6.4m in 100 m, eye relief of 4.4-3.6 “/ 112-91 mm, the elevation and adaptation of the wind are 64.0 MOA. Weighs 468 g and measures 50 mm on the objective.


  • Made in aluminum 6061-T6
  • Quick turns with gloves
  • Nuity of the maximum visual field
  • Precise adjustments
  • Raincoat
  • Lenses coated with DiamondCoat 2
  • Double grid


  • Expensive

Despite being a few negative comments, it has the lowest score of 4.4 points. The opinions related to the characteristics of the viewer are satisfactory, a few complaints about eye relief, but nothing significant.

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4) Leupold VX-3i Reticular Riflescope

Leupold VX-3i Reticular RiflescopeIdeal for long ranges, it has a versatile system for hunting. It offers excellent lighting, by the Twilight Max and the coating of the lenses with DiamondCoat 2, providing a lot of eye relief. The Twin Bias Erection system provides protection to the visor, eliminating the strength in the erector by 30%.


The adaptation level is 52 MOA to 117 MOA, with an increase of 3.5-10x to 4.5-14x, double grating and Wind-Plex, eye relief of 4.5-3.6 “/ 114-91 mm, the visual field of 29.8-11.0m in 100m and an elevation and wind range of 52.0 MOA. The objective measures from 40 mm to 50 mm in diameter and weighs 417 g.


  • Double Reticle
  • Raincoat
  • Zoom 3: 1
  • Erector System Twin Bias Spring
  • Twilight Max illumination
  • Light and resistant


  • Expensive
  • For experts Only

The score is 4.5 based on 5 points. Unfavorable comments are related to the handling of the shipment, but not to the properties of the viewer. Users support performance, performance, and endurance in adverse conditions.

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5) Leupold Mark MOD 1 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Leupold Mark MOD 1 3-9x40mm RiflescopeIt doesn’t take much research to understand that the Leupold rifle scope is everything you were looking for hunting. If you want to be captivated with a quality product, then do so under the 115370 of the Leupold brand; you will not be disappointed.

The composition of the telescope or rifle scope is very simple; it has a matte black finish with aluminum details. Its weight is 1.2 pounds, and it has a size of 35.6 centimeters, tall, long but justifiable for hunting.

Leupold is long for your presentation for two reasons: he improves accuracy, and his vision is committed to improvement. With these two things, everything makes sense, and the 35 centimeters in its composition are very fond of its wearers.

The diameter of his vision is 7.6 cm from the outer side and 7 cm from his useful side; it is too wide. With such a high amplitude, your comfort will be determined, the eyebrow protected, and will not be exhausted when using it for hours.

Constructed of sturdy aluminum, it stands up to all kinds of conditions, although its shooting functionality could be seen at stake. With such a wide shooting diameter, it will be annoying to clean this area by snow or rain constantly.

Its zoom is 14x, wide enough to cover 50 meters in diameter and even more than you want. Its vision color is traditional; the reticle gives it a margin of error of 0.03% for each shot you take.

It has three vision modes: FireDot with an orange reticle, Mil dot that gives it focus, and Dublex that has range. Each has its function, the Dublex is for all uses, while the FireDot is useful for a clean shot.

The Leupold is characterized by its size, although this can also bring negative aspects, use it for special moments. The best thing to do is to use the riflescope on sunny days where nothing limits your peripheral vision.

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About Leupold Brand

Best Leupold ScopeThe German company Leupold with more than a century in the market has remained in the first places of excellence, for the satisfaction of fans of hunting and their rifles are among the most sought after by hunters, who want good optics for getting reliable and accurate shots.

The best scopes of Leupold for 308 are guaranteed, having undergone rigorous tests to ensure the quality of these rifles. They have been designed with a scope that covers any circumstance and the harshest conditions.

They offer an unlimited guarantee, which makes them resistant for a lifetime. With these magnificent characteristics, it is difficult to select the most suitable rifle among the wide line Leupold Mark4, Leupold VX 3 CDS, Leupold AR-15 MOD 1, VX II 3-9×40 mm, FX-II Scout, Rifleman, among others.

As for the Leupold Scopes for 308 rifles, all have the particularity of providing excellent lighting conditions, an optics with impressive clarity, lenses with the latest technology coating and various alternatives for all types of requirements.

Leupold Best Scope For Deer Hunting

The most suitable for deer hunting are the VX-3i and VX-3i LRD viewfinders, thanks to the precision in long ranges and their weight. The reticles work in the first and second plane and adaptations are easily achieved.

In terms of lighting, they have the Twilight Max system for environments with low light. The turrets are operated independently and have sophisticated state-of-the-art sensors that detect movement and allow a quick approach.

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Leupold Scopes For Rifles Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Leupold has achieved excellent results in hunting, using the latest in technologies to expand the field of vision, favor the lighting of space, refine the aim, measure precise distances and define all external factors.

For this, the Leupold brand has invented reticles, viewfinders, binoculars, rangefinders, with lenses and accessories with insurmountable properties, which provide maximum performance in any plane and meteorological or topographic condition that is presented, to obtain an efficient solution to each situation.

Based on these viewers, a wide variety of differences have developed, which have given rise to this guide. That is why, are detailed, below, the most outstanding sights, by its reach Leupold For 308 2021.

Leupold Scopes List

Leupold vx-6hd scope

it is a scope that adapts to all scenarios and will always be ready to give the best optics. It covers all the space, providing a very clear lighting and resolution. The technology of factor 6 and the leveling alarm that has the reticle are the best, to achieve an accurate shot.

It has turrets with two revolutions, model CDS ZL2, the lenses are covered with Alumina and are resistant to water, dust, and stains. It has a system that manages the intensity of light, called Twilight MAX HD and sensors that detect movement by leveling the image.

With the illuminated reticle, a visual distance of between 94mm and 97mm is obtained, a visual range of 1.69 to 41.07m in 100 meters and an elevation adjustment of 75 to 170 MOA, with a lens from 24mm to 52mm. It weighs from 380 g to 680 g and measures between 30 mm and 34 mm in width and from 27.3 cm to 37.2 in length.

The design of the VX-6HD Multigun has a visual distance of 94 mm to 97 mm, with a visual range of 6.76 to 41.7m in 100 m and an elevation adjustment of 170 MOA, with a weight of 380gr and measures 30 mm wide and 27.3 cm long, the lens measures 24 mm.

Leupold vx-5hd scope

You have a complete device, which provides everything that is required for hunting. It offers information related to accuracy and provides alternatives to correct the altitude of the turrets when it is going to shoot. The lack of light is not a problem for this viewer.

The lenses are coated with Guard-ion that does not allow the external elements to remain. The displacement and light sensor systems make their performance exceptional. It has the factor 5, which does not allow slowing down the process.

The visual distances are between 94 mm and 97 mm, the adaptation of the elevation from 75 to 170 MOA, range of vision ranging from 2.74 to 41.07 m to 100 m. They weigh between 380 g and 632 g, with a length of 27.3 to 34.5 cm and 30 mm wide, the object has dimensions of 24 mm to 56 mm.

Leupold vx-3i scope

They have a lighting system that conserves the load and the Twilight Max system, which provides greater visibility. The controls have ergonomic shapes, which are easily used, even when wearing gloves.

The way of selecting the increases in the image is tactile. The turrets come independent and have very precise adaptations. This viewer is one of the ones that provide the most vision in difficult conditions.

Field of view from 1.92m to 22.54m to 100m, with a visual distance of 92mm to 112mm and an elevation adjustment from 49 to 110 MOA, It weighs 264 g at 561 g, measures between 24.7 mm and 33.6 mm in length and the tube is 30 mm to 1 inch wide, with a lens from 20 mm to 56 mm.

Leupold VX-3i LRP scope

This precision long-range viewfinder features turrets that can be read at all angles, adapting quickly and without complications. It is perfect and good Leupold Scopes 2021 for shooting at great distances, with several planes of vision and works with MOAs or with Mils.

The ocular distance is between 92 mm and 135 mm, as well as, a visual range of 1.54 m to 6.82m in 100 m, the adjustment of the elevation is between 80 MOA and 100 MOA. The weight is from 575 g to 635 g, measures from 31.2 cm to 36.9 cm in length and 30 mm in diameter, with a 50 mm objective.

Leupold LRPVX-Fredoom scope

A novel model with three reticles, with a maximum level of hardness, which provides precision and insurmountable optics. It is adapted in the manual form of ¼ of MOA, waterproofed and perfect for the fires of annular characteristics and also of muzzleloaders.

The field of vision ranges from 3.32 m to 24.75 m to 100 m, the distance of vision is 93 mm and 125 mm, with an elevation adaptation of 60 MOA to 125 MOA. It weighs 272 g to 414 g, with measures of 23.7 cm to 31.5 cm in length and 1 inch in diameter, the lens measures between 20 mm and 50 mm.

Leupold VX-R scope

It has a FireDot reticle with optical fiber and lighting, which manages to make an effective shot, thanks to the exclusive point, which shines with an intense red and allows the aim to be accurate, although there is not much light. It has a factor of 3.

The field of vision of 3.49 m to 24.75m in 100 m, the ocular distance is between 93 mm and 175 mm, with an elevation adaptation of MOA to 130 MOA. It weighs from 326 g to 468 g, with a dimension of 24.6 cm to 32.6 cm in length and 30 mm in diameter, with a lens from 20 mm to 50 mm.

Leupold VX-R Patrol scope

The most reliable scope in any situation, since it has a reticle that lights up, thanks to the FireDot, it provides 8 light levels and focuses the target even in dark places, easy handling for being light and magnified with the factor 3.

The viewing distance is 93 mm and 106 mm, a visual range of 4.54 m to 24.75 m to 100 m and an elevation adjustment of 65 MOA to 130 MOA. It measures 24.6 cm to 32.6 cm in length, 30 mm in diameter, from 20 mm to 40 mm in the lens and weighs between 340 g and 462 g.

Leupold Mark 6 scope

They have a very comfortable size and shock resistant. The increases are controlled by touch, the reticles can be illuminated or have no lighting, have a main focus plane, access to the battery is simple.

The visual range is from 2.09 m to 36.59m in 100 m, the elevation is 100 MOA at 130 MOA and the eye distance is 94 mm to 98 mm. It weighs between 499 g and 669 g and measures between 26.1 cm and 30.3 cm long, 34 mm in diameter and 20 mm to 44 mm in the objective.

Leupold Mark 8 scope

A variety of models with optimal resolution, excellent visual range by factor 8, has 7 alternatives for lighting and the main plane. They have M5C2 turrets to adapt in ½ Mil, less than zero.

The elevation is adjusted by 90 MOA or 175 MOA, the eye distance is 83 mm to 93 mm, the visual range is 1.57 m to 30.76m in 100 m. It weighs from 666 gr to 1049 gr, with a tube of 34 mm to 35 mm in diameter and the lens between 24 mm and 56 mm.

Leupold Mark 5HD scope

Offers a lot of clarity with low illumination, CCH reticle, design with large numbers and magnification for fast focusing. It has 3 types of adjustment with turret M5C3 and factor 5.

The visual distance is between 1.40 m and 9.45m in 100 m, the eye distance is between 90 mm and 97 mm, the elevation adjustment is 100 MOA to 120 MOA. It weighs 737 g to 850 g, with 30.6 cm to 39.8 cm in length, 35 mm in diameter and 44 mm to 56 mm in the objective.

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 scope

It contributes to the best performance of rifles with the bolt, MSR or AR system. It has BDC torrera designed for .223 and P5 with touch adjustments of 1/10 Mil, has 6 levels of green lighting with FireDot-G.

The ocular distance is between 95 mm and 106 mm at 100 m, the visual range is from 2.10 m to 24.75 m at 100 m, the elevation is from 60 MOA to 125 MOA. It weighs 272 gr to 434 gr, the length is between 23.7 g to 33.9 g, the diameter is 1 inch and the target 20 mm to 40 mm.

Leupold handgun scope

It used in short weapons, fixing the objective and the reticle. It supports big setbacks. The eye distance is from 381 mm to 457 mm, the field of view from 1.60 m to 4.30m in 100 m and the elevation adjustment in 110 MOA. It weighs between 199 g and 309 g, measures from 21.3 cm to 29.0 cm long, 1 inch wide and from 28 mm to 32 mm wide.

Leupold FX scope

It offers stable increases, its use is simple, resistant, waterproof and wide luminous performance. The visual distance is 102 mm to 236 mm, the visual range is 5.80 m to 13.20m in 100 m and an elevation of 70 MOA to 147 MOA. The weight is 184 g to 38 g, the length is 20.3 cm to 33.5 cm, 1 inch in diameter and between 20 mm and 42 mm of the objective.

Leupold Rifleman scope

The best Leupold Scopes 2021 gives you good performance and optics, with unlimited, waterproof warranty. The visual distance is from 93 mm to 125 mm, the visual range from 4.54 m to 11.22 m to 100 m and the adaptation of the elevation from 60 MOA to 80 MOA. The length is 30.7 cm to 31.4 cm, the diameter is 1 inch, the objective is 40 mm to 50 mm and weighs between 318 g and 377 g.


  • What is the best Leupold scope?

One of the best Leupold products for rifle scope sights is the VX-R 2-7×33, its use is great. If you do not want to lose a bullet then buy this product, its 33x width is formidable, you will be very surprised.

  • What is the best Leupold rifle scope for deer hunting?

For deer hunting, the best is the VX-3-9×33 Rimfire model; it has a very good range to shoot the target. The secret of hunting deer is not to attract attention, and with this visor, you will be far enough away but ready to shoot it down.

  • Are Leupold scopes worth the money?

They are worth every penny invested, although you must understand that they are viewers that require maintenance and little exposure to rain and snow. The vision is very sensitive; you have to constantly clean it so that your experience and precision is good and does not cause you discomfort.

  • Are expensive Leupold scopes worth it?

Definitely worth the scope of each model, having 33x will cover a range of almost 1 hectare. With this distance, you can hunt, enter contests, and shoot at anything that comes your way without being seen.


So, this is our guide about Leupold brand scopes we explore every side of scopes so you come to know which is best for you. If you have any questions. Leave it to blow 🙂

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