Meopta rifle scope is an excellent company that promotes the sport of hunting and long-distance shooting with its line of telescopes and Optika 6 scope has been very innovative. They have brought with them a good attraction in the market. Buy a quality product.

A good telescope must have certain characteristics such as precision, zoom quality, Vibrio, resistant materials, genuine reticle, and other things that Meopta Rifle Scopes has. Take a look at the product and see how it will completely change your life.

If you are a fan of hunting you must have this type of telescope, with it you will save a lot of money and time to give your prey an accurate shot, no matter what rifle model Meopta has it is adaptable to almost all existing models. Hence, it is the best telescope of this 2021.

Meopta Rifle Scopes 2021 – Guide & Comparison

Meopta Rifle ScopesTelescopes made by Meopta try to give you precision in your hunting days, without this important help your days will not be the same, and possibly give up on the idea of ​​hunting a good deer, the company tells you not to give up and buy your item, You will notice how unique it is.

Hunting is not only what the Meopta Rifle Scopes focuses on, but it also promotes shooting sports at a considered distance, but its scope also allows you to participate in these competitions to position it in the number one position.

The degree of reliability that this product has is invaluable, its perfection rate is five stars, so there is no doubt that this position will not be taken away by anyone for a long time, Meopta is approved by expert shooters.

The approval of Meopta is imminent, at least 9 out of 10 people in the United States affected by the sport of hunting or long-range shooting approves this product, so in 2021 it is expected to be the best telescope on the market as it was in the past year.

Best Meopta Scopes (Updated Reviews) in 2021

Find out today how revolutionary its two main telescopes are, see the features that have taken it to the top, compare them and get the best, although both are very good and will give your shots the precision and quality you need. Let’s see below:

1) Meopta MeoPro Optika 6 Rifle Scope

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The first telescope from the Meopta company that has gained unique popularity is the Z-Plex 653630 model from the Optika6 range, its precision and beauty are invaluable, so it is not a coincidence that it has the first position in front of its brother the Dichro Tech 4D.

The Z-Prex reticle of this telescope gives it the desired design and scope to be used in a common day hunting or competing in a shooting sport event, for both things the telescope was built, its quality is revolutionary.

Aesthetically it is a very attractive scope and its size is not of great importance as long as its functionality is outstanding, as well as its duration, since it is built with the highest quality aluminum it can be taken as an investment that will last many years.

You can hunt when you want regardless of the weather you are subjected to since the Z-Plex will withstand rain, sun, mud, snow, or any other natural factor to which it is subjected, you should not worry about anything external and just fix your gaze the target that wants to topple.

Unfortunately, this telescope does not have lighting for your night hunts, although its scope is clear enough, and it will not take much effort to aim at your target. its high range will not limit you in any way to achieve your hunting goal.

Its zoom range is formidable and it can reach a good distance, it is verified by experts in the shooting range for hunting or competitive, the 3-18×50 mm model will not leave you bad in these events, on the contrary, it will make it stand out for your shot so accurate.

The 3-18x50mm model is exclusive for competitive shooting and medium to long-range hunting, use it daily and know what its strengths and weaknesses are with it, it is very comfortable to use and gives you all the ease of making a clean shot.

The advantages of the Meopta telescope of the optika6 line model 3-18×50 mm are that its optics are very professional, and it has a very low price in the market so that you can acquire it now and make your sport better with great long-distance shots that hit the mark.

Its only disadvantage or negative point is that it has night lighting so that after passing the sunset its precision will deteriorate if you do not have the necessary experience, but do not refrain from acquiring it. the Meopta Rifle Scope is of great quality and with immense value in the market.

Choose the Z-plex version and calibrate your telescope with most rifles, including Creedmore 308s or any other type of rifle that is a 6.5 model. The integration gives you an excellent point to buy it now, if you know of quality you will do it without hesitation.

2) Meopta MeoPro 3-18x56mm Scope

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Second place in telescopes does not always show inferiority, and that is what the Dichro Tech 4D 653580 model from the same Meopta line reveals, this time, the product has a first focal plane in vision, so it is superior in functionality to the previous model.

Despite the fact that Dichro Tech has better range and precision than the Z-Prex model, it has not yet earned the necessary assessment and approval to remove the crown and be in the first place, but do not be confused by the fact that the Dichro Tech between them is predominant.

The main difference that you will notice in this product compared to the Z-Prex is that its measurement is 3-18×56 mm. At the same time, its brother is 3-18×50 mm and this scarce difference is what identifies its precision, although it is insignificant, this is what that gives Dichro Tech superiority.

The diameter of its tube is the same with 30 mm, an average measurement, but very functional for a whole hunting day until sunset. its design is matte black with a lens that marks the color red to give it better visibility.

It is very resistant to water, snow, rain, and other factors of nature. its construction is dominated by the highest quality aerodynamic aluminum. its purchase is essential to improve the precision of your hunting or to go to a contest with the best telescope.

Its light transmission is 91% leaving the rest to give it contrast and thus improve its precision, remember that its zoom is formidable and reaches 91 yards or even much more, from right in the center point with this telescope and a rich deer arrives for dinner.

The angle of its field of vision is very wide like the Z-Prex, it reaches 6 degrees of range, a very beneficial number for hunting in free zones, buy it and see what new it will give your favorite sport.

The telescope is used for competitive shots because of its incredible variety of adjustments in range, precision, degrees of range, and other things that dominate it, its absorption of 91% of light gives the product advantage, buy it now.

The advantage of the Dichro Tech is that its optima are fabulous and more committed to giving it a very accurate shot, the absorption of light gives it many benefits in improving its life, and its red color in it will increase its probability of hitting the target.

The disadvantage of the Dirchro Tech model is that its fit to the rifles is very demanding, this is the point that has positioned the Z-Prex as the best of both, but what do you think? Compare them and see which one integrates the function you want to give it and its long gun.

Meopta Vs Swarovski Telescope

You already know the two best telescopes that the Meopta Company gives you to improve your long-range shots, they are of great value, and one has more predominant characteristics than the other. Still, the last decision to acquire them will be yours.

When it comes to telescopes, there are many questions about which are the best? Between Meopta and his Swarovski competition, both are very good, but this time you have to choose a winner. Know below its characteristics:


  • Diversity in models
  • Color in your vision
  • Range from 4 to 8 degrees
  • The 30-foot range at 150 yards


  • Limited but genuine models.
  • Range limited to 4 degrees
  • Low range

As you can see, the Swarovski telescope has many disadvantages when compared to the Meopta, of course, it will not be taken away that it is very functional as long as it is used for short-range hunting or an object large enough not to fail.

Meopta not only wins for its functionality but also predominates in design, although it is very similar to the Swarovski, you will notice that it is the Meopta in each model, it is a little shorter and dedicates its size to its sights, while the Swarovski is more elongated and of low vision

The best option is to choose a Meopta telescope and get the best model, either from the Z-Prex or Dircho Tech line, both are very good and completely useful for hunting, amusement shooting and it is even used by the American army.

With This Great Credibility And Sponsorship From The USA

 The brand of Meopta telescopes is highly desired by all those entrepreneurs who have a good rifle to hunt. if you are one of them, you should buy it as soon as possible and improve your shots in a great way.

Another comparison between Meopta and Swarovski is that its rating is very different, the latest product has had a 3-star ranking in recent years while Meopta is positioned with a perfect rating for its great receptivity to the public.

If your intentions for this 2021 is to improve your accuracy and shooting range, it is best to buy a Meopta telescope, be a smart person, and have this great product today. its guarantees are unique in the market, its price is so low that you will be surprised.

Frequent Questions:

The frequently asked questions that revolve around the Meopta telescope are the following:

Where are Meopta rifle scopes made?

Meopta is a very trustworthy company that has years of experience in the market dedicated to bringing you the best sights, binoculars, telescopes, and other products that will help you hunt and be in communion with nature.

Each item is of the highest quality of aluminum, its resistance is unique, which is why it is approved by experts in the area of ​​sports shooting, and outdoor photography, its variety of designs is formidable, so you should take a look at it calmly and choose the best.

So that you do not doubt that Meopta is the best, the company was founded in 1933, since that time it has assembled and distributed its products from the United States and the Czech Republic in community.

The largest facility of this company is in the United States, from there, it has to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Meopta is pleased to be the primary forerunner of sights and telescopes to the US Army.

Are Meopta scopes any good?

Each Meopta telescope has the approval of professionals in the shooting area. This has boosted the company and given credibility. Each item is not good but unique. its acquisition is essential to improve your long-distance shooting.

Meopta is identified for having range and a great range in its telescopes, not to mention that its light absorption will help it improve its precision with 100 yards of range, there is nothing that escapes your eyes. Try it out today.

Where can I find Meopta scopes on sale?

To have the Meopta Rifle Scopessolo today, just visit the store and look for its variety in models, be it the Z-Prex series, Dirchro Tech, or other models that the company has in its possession, just find out through this website and purchase the best.

Meopta has something peculiar, and that is that its telescopes are great at a very affordable price, when they combine both things, perfection is achieved, and it is something that this line of hunting products has spent decades being the best.

What are your thoughts on Meopta scopes vs Leupold scopes?

Optically Meopta is superior to Leupold although he beats him in range, they have a very close battle, but Meopta has earned much more love and affection than his competition with his colorful vision and his 6.40-degree range in most of his models.


Meopta Rifle Scopes is undoubtedly the best product to improve your hunting, it is complete in each of its characteristics, and it has a very affordable price. What are you waiting for? Run to your nearest store dedicated to hunting telescopes and buy it.

If you are looking to improve your precision and not die trying to hunt, you should buy a Meopta telescope, do not forget that your rifle molding is very extensive, so you must tell me which model is specific to your rifle.

Investing in a Meopta telescope is the best, regardless of the model, each one of them guarantees an incredible duration, its resistance to natural factors is unmatched. Hence, its product in this category carries the highest classification on the market for functionality.

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