Best Nikon Rifle Scopes Reviews 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

How you survive in hunting with a rifle of .308 but not without the best Nikon scopes 2021. Today, we are here to give you the top 5 rated scopes of the Nikon brand in 2021. I am sure this will help you a lot.

Best Nikon ScopesNikon has spent nearly a century dedicated to satisfying the best scope for rifles, making hunters more assertive, thanks to sight glasses, telescopes, binoculars, rangefinders, and other accessories for the hunter to have a high-level experience.

Achieving the best scope for long-range is only possible with quality lenses, which offer an unmatched resolution at any time of the day. The different best Nikon optics that is obtained from the objective will make the activity have an excellent result.

The materials have the maximum control to get the scope of Nikon under budget. If you need the best rifle scope, these products are the most ideal, because they provide the greatest resistance with the best performance at the best price.

Below is a demonstration of the most versatile scopes, which are backed by the Nikon brand. A review of the characteristics and benefits of the products will be made to know their advantages.

Real-Time Black Friday Deals 2021

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Top 5 Best Nikon Rifle Scopes

Nikon Buckmasters II4.6 Check Price
Nikon P-223 Scope4.7 Check Price
Nikon Buckmasters, 4-12x40mm4.6 Check Price
Nikon ProStaff Rifle Scope5/5 Check Price
Nikon Black FX10004.8/5 Check Price

Top 5 Best Nikon Rifle Scopes Reviews 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Among the wide diversity of products for hunting, Nikon has stood out for manufacturing items that provide great support to the hunters, increasing the condition of vision, focus, and performance of the rifle. Among the most important, we can mention:

1) Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40mm BDC Rifle Scope

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Nikon Buckmasters II offers very bright images, the lenses have a coating in layers, and the BDC (Bolt Drop Compensating) reticle is patented and provides eye relief. It is waterproof and has shock resistance.

It is perfect for huntings for Mully Multicoated lenses, eye relief, and parallax at distances of 100 yards. The BDC reticle improves longer range shots and short distance shots offer a better vision.

The images have high quality, by the anti-reflective elements of the lenses with daylight. The reticle fits with a ¼-inch click in a 100-yard range and does not lose the setting with strong kicks.

Spot on Ballistic Match technology analyzes loads, ammunition, and specific points for a better range. They have a guarantee without limits. They are waterproof by nitrogen purge and sealed structure.


It offers a vision area (FOV) of 4.4 – 13.3 in 100 yards, the eye relief in 3.6 “, the zoom can be extended between 3x and 9x, it has a diameter of 40 mm, 12.3” in length, and the thickness of the tube is 1 “, weighs 13.1 oz and has an output of 4.4 – 13.3 mm.

As for the adaptations of the Nikon Buckmasters II, it has a ¼ graduation, the parallax is adjusted by 100 yards, and has an internal setting of 80 MOA maximum, with a BDC reticle, which provides the greatest vision and clarity for hunting, deer.

  • Raincoat
  • Unlimited warranty
  • BDC Scheme
  • System Fully Multicoated
  • Quick grid adaptation to 100 yards
  • Not Good for beginners

Final Verdict:

In some cases, there is some difficulty to adjust the scope, obtaining a grade of 4.7 based on 5, which is in a good position among the vast majority of users.

2) Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope

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Nikon P-223 scope made of the polymer provides excellent eye relief and recoil is safe for the forehead. The reticle was designed for the .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO 55 grains cartridge, offering marksmanship and hash up to 600 yards.

They offer a reset to zero and manual turns with ¼ MOA. The turrets adapt to zero without losing the configuration. Parallax can be eliminated at a distance of 100 yards for greater precision; they are waterproof by the toric connection and nitrogen filling. This series is designed for 300 AAC, 308 Win / 7.62 mm cartridges.


The range of vision is from 11.3 to 33.8 feet in 100 yards, with an output of 4.4 to 13.3 mm, the eye relief is 3.6 in, with a tube of 1 inch in diameter and 44 mm in the outside. The graduation settings are a ¼ inch, the parallax adjustment is 100 yards and the interior is 80 maximum MOA. Read comparison Nikon P223 Vs Prostaff here.

  • Raincoat
  • BDC 600
  • System multicoated
  • Eye relief
  • Touch adjusts to zero
  • Night performance is low

Final Verdict:

Some problems are presented with the accessories to adjust the scopes, other users have problems with achieving the proper focus. Regarding the scope and results, it obtained a rating of 4.7 between 5 points.

3) Nikon Buckmasters II Scope

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Nikon Buckmasters II offers images with excellent resolution, even in the most unfavorable situations. The quality of the lenses provides good lighting during the day. It has a patented BDC reticle, covering a hunting range in open sites. It is waterproof and shock-resistant.

This scope is ideal for those who like to hunt deer or deer, with perfect focus and unbeatable image at distances of up to 100 yards. The multicoated antireflective lenses ensure a good daytime vision.

With the BDC reticle, you can keep large distances and get safe shots. The vision is very clear in the long and short-range. It can be adapted and brought to zero quickly, to start focusing again.

It does not lose the configuration, even when it has strong recoil, thanks to the adaptation that can be done with the hand, with a simple click in ¼ of an inch and in distances that reach up to 100 yards.


It has a zoom that can be extended between 4x and 12x, the eye relief is 3.7 “, the lens measures 40mm, the viewing range is from 23.6 ‘to 4x and from 7.9’ to 12x in 100 yards, the interior settings They are 60 MOA and 1/4 click, have a length of 14 “, 1” in diameter and a weight of 13.6 ounces.

  • Waterproof
  • Multicoated system for better lighting
  • Eye relief
  • Touch adjusts to zero
  • It does not have good performance in places with low light

Final Verdict:

There may be problems with the rifle adjustment ring. For other users, the difficulty comes in the scope and sharpness of the image in poorly lit places. Despite these details, it has a rating of 4.7 in a range of 5 points.

4) Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope

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This product has great value among hunting lovers as it is very light and beautiful, it adapts to your rifle. Its functionality is absolute, try it now and check that your vision is very pleasant, nothing will go unnoticed at the time.

The NikonProStaff’s dimensions are 12.4 inches long by 1.97 wide at each end. It comprises a weight of 1.8 pounds, somewhat light compared to the length of the sight of his rifle.

Its resistance is indisputable; it supports any climate to which it is exposed, from water to snow, and does not lose its beauty. The matte black color is well embedded in its composition; you will never lose it no matter how much you use it or conditions that happen.

The predominant material is aluminum, that’s why its passage is so light and suitable to carry for hours without being a problem. The diameter of its objective lens, which should interest you, is very wide, with 40 millimeters it has enough.

The telescope is very compact; its magnification is 3 to 9x, enough for it to hit the target smoothly. Its display objective is 1,575in. it is well above its competition, it is a quality Nikon product.

Your peripheral vision transmits up to 98% of the light around you. This can lower it until you feel comfortable shooting. It has 3.6 inches of visual relief so that your eyesight does not run out, and you comfortably finish your goal.

Try the NikonProStaff now and have a great experience on your shooting range, its use is good for hunting. Its color vision is common, but it doesn’t take as many things to make the product more perfect than it is.

5) Nikon Black FX1000

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Nikon brings with it a very unique, functional, and 100% effective presentation to improve your hunting shots at any time. The Nikon FX1000 is a very sophisticated and aesthetically appealing rifle scope to be used on your weapon today.

The brand is characterized by having its rifle sights in a traditional, bony way, with a normal vision color. This time Nikon wanted to get out of the routine and present them with its illuminated reticle to improve its precision in the dark.

To learn more about it, you must first know how the product comes externally, its size, and comfortable viewing diameter. Its size is 20 cm long and 30 mm wide in its end-to-end view.

The conditions for which this scope is prepared are complete; it supports water, snow, sun, and everything it faces. Your vision is adjustable, up to 17 settings if you wish, this gives you a very high range in the woods.

To end your maximum viewing period, it also features a zero return stop; you will save a lot of time with this. It has a very nice reticle with red vision points; your shooting correction will be very easy with it.

The range, wind, and margin of error will be easily corrected under the reticle of the Nikon FX1000. Your shot will be exact. The display absorbs much of the light to give you the desired contrast, so sharp you won’t miss your shot.

Their shooting positions will be limitless with all the positive visuals that the Nikon brand scope has. Your brow will stay protected, feel comfortable, and have a precise enough look for your hunting day.

Use the FX1000 sight in any weather condition; this will not prevent its functionality from being admirable and highly accurate. Many professionals use it for hunting purposes. it is very useful for use in the forest for its lighting contrast.

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Best Nikon Scope For Hunting – Ultimate Guide

There are some key points that you have to know before you get any scope.

Diversity of Scopes:

The different designs are designed to be used in activities such as hunting, bird watching, marine practices, and support for golf. The models are adapted to each one and offer all the features to meet the necessary requirements.

The Nikon rifle scope models are divided into Spot On, Reticle, and Viewfinder frames, each with designs that offer varied characteristics to have a good hunting experience.

Spot On:

It offers advanced ballistic techniques, as it is capable of operating through electronic devices. To configure the viewer with the reticle and get it to work with munitions of any kind, it requires a rangefinder, the rifle, and one of the excellent viewfinders of the brand.

With this function the shooting alternatives will be shown in advance, to select the most appropriate one. It has a large data file, which provides the possible trigger points in viewers with a Nikon BDC, plex, and standard or mildot reticle.

This practical application can be installed, for free, on iPad, iPhone, and Android. The ballistic wind can be measured, connecting the Spot On to the headset of the device and it will throw the exact data of the direction and the wind speed, entering the information in the application that the user has, supplying aim, and the variants of the wind.

The turrets can be used with almost all models, to check the elevation of the cartridge and make shots at great distances in a dead point. Each device is customized for the hunter, creating the turret with individual details.

Nikon Reticles:

The variety of grids are adjusted to all the requirements and tastes of hunters, which offer protection against setbacks and are easy to use, to detect target discoveries and make accurate shots.

The line of BDC grids offers good conditions, in distances that exceed the stipulated ones. Among the variety of models is the BDC-60, specific for crossbow XR Ballt, with the sighting of 20 yards and the screw with a speed of 305 feet per second, with which aim is achieved in distances of up to 60 yards.

The BDC-150 is designed to give greater accuracy to the .22 LR caliber rifle projectiles. For distances of 50 yards, there is the BDC-200, which reaches a range of 200 yards, including ballistic points.

Providing aim at distances between 150 and 300 yards with a vision of 9x, the BDC-300 is used. In trajectories developed by the .223 Remington / 5.56 mm NATO of 55 grains, the BDC-600 provides aiming at 200 and up to 600 yards.

In specific trajectories of .308 WIN / 7.62 NATO and bullets of 168 grains HPBT, the most recommended is the BDC-800. Other models, such as the BDC Carbine, have been designed for the .223 Rem 5.56 NATO rifles, which use a 44 grains projectile with the tip made of polymer.

The BDC Handgun reticle is for the rifles with bullets and speeds of 2500 to 2600 fps. The 270 Win with a bullet of 130 gr., The 7 mm 08Rem with a projectile of 140 gr. or the 308 Win with 165 grains cartridge, also applies to guns.

BDC Predator is perfect for hunting predators; its shots are simple and can be done when the prey is in motion. It works with calipers 223 Rem or 22-250 Rem with projectiles of 55 grains.

Nikoplex helps the vision focus on the central part of the reticle and you can see the prey quickly. The Good Cross Stitch Reticle is special for accurate shots with wide magnification lenses.

The Fine Cross with Point has a very useful characteristic because in the central part the point of ¼ of minutes is permanently shown. To achieve a long-distance reach in any scenario, you must use the Mildot reticle with a free calculator.

When a hunt is carried out under extreme conditions, the German # 4 grid is required, which focuses quickly on targets. The Point Blank reticle is for the 1-4×20 M-223, with precise shots in 200 yards, which locate the dam with a single movement.

If you want to hit, the Precision grid is ideal because it takes the eye to the point of focus. The novel design of Super Sub provides a grid for .300 ACC Black projectiles, covering subsonic and supersonic charges.

Illuminated reticles can be used in environments with poor light. The Nikoplex Illuminated Green and Red models are for PROSTAFF 5, with five degrees of rheostat adjustment for better focus.

Fix Scopes:

The accessories needed to mount each of the viewfinders and obtain an excellent focus have the highest quality of the Nikon brand.

The rings made of steel or aluminum of the series S and A, respectively; the bases for sights P-TACTICAL and M-TACTICAL of 30 mm or telescopic BLACK, offer the stability that provides the greater precision in the shots.

How to Choose Nikon Scope For Birding

Among the great variety of viewfinders that guarantee a precise approach, with a clear vision and at great distances, are the models that offer the hunters the best conditions for a reasonable price.

Buyer’s Guide: 

Best Vortex Scopes

Best Leupold Scopes

The BLACK riflescope is highly accurate and brings many new features for the best performance of the hunter. As for the model, MONARCH is very versatile and can be used with all types of caliber and fits many rifles.

To achieve good optics, PROSTAFF riflescopes must be used with great precision, and they are widely tested and adapted to any firearm. BUCKMASTER II is perfect for hunting deer, they balance the trajectory of the projectile over long distances and they have many-layered lenses for poorly lit places.

The AR-style is complemented by rifles of different calibers, as they feature the Spot On Ballistic Match technique. The Rimfire sights are the most sought after by those who use projectiles and rifles with a length of .22, to achieve the best performance.

Muzzleloader specializes in giving power to the loaders based on balloons; with the BDC reticle, you can make an accurate shot at a distance of 300 yards, with enough aim and with excellent results.

The most experienced have the design of Gun Rifles for varminters, which provide excellent protection on the backs and with maximum power. The Predator / Vampint Riflescopes are designed with a camouflaged structure for special requirements.

The model for SlugHunter BDC 200 Guns and Shotguns have the ability to accurately hit a distance of 200 yards. The series of Nikon Telescopes cover the vision, giving it greater clarity, better focus, and the BDC reticle that allows handling the reach in the horizontal trajectory.

Likewise, Nikon offers a wide range of field viewers, in angular or right-angled form, to which you can change the eyepieces, for a clear optics of the lens and with characteristics of resistance to water, fog, humidity, and powder.

In the EDG models, a higher resolution will be noticed, thanks to the ED lens and the dielectric coating of the prisms, which provide an excellent vision to the hunter. On the other hand, MONARCA has an apochromatic vision system, which improves the hunter’s eye.

PROSTAFF viewers can zoom in considerably, increasing accuracy and improving hunting results. They have the ability to increase vision over great distances.

Best Nikon Rangefinders:

Likewise, Nikon rangefinders are necessary to act with accuracy, at a good speed, and with efficiency, with the laser feature that optimizes the accuracy to reach long distances, with resistance to humidity and fog.

Best Nikon Binoculars:

The line of binoculars offers optics with impressive clarity, for all types of requirements. The MONARCH HG for 30 mm or 42 mm are resistant, compact, and lightweight. The PROSTAFF and Aculon models are simple, ergonomic, and reliable.

How to buy Good Nikon Scope?

For hunters looking to shoot at long distances, you can get very appropriate models of viewers. The Predator and Vampint series offer unsurpassed features for hunting predators and at an excellent cost.

However, the MONARCH line offers many alternatives, for the wide variety of caliber options, rifles, and situations that arise, having the ability to adjust BDC, Mildot, German # 4 reticles for better focus.

The Slaughter and Shotgun Hunter models are designed to offer a high range, reaching a range of 200 yards, thanks to the implementation of ballistic reticle methods, which are among the most advanced.

Best Long Range Nikon Scope:

The rifles that have more power are complemented by the new Nikon viewers, which provide excellent vision, with a quick focus and an accurate shot at great distances. .22 rifles offer excellent performance.

The Rimfire riflescope provides excellent power for rifles with .22 cartridges, the range of the shots increases with the particularities offered by these riflescopes. The use of the Spot On Ballistic Match of Nikon, improves the aim.

The 308 Winchester rifles with BDC Handgun reticle can be adapted to speeds up to 2600 fps., Also, it is possible to use them with 165 grains projectiles, for a constant trajectory and an accurate impact.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • How To Choose A Nikon Hunting Riflescope?

The best thing to choose a hunting telescope is to know that its contrast handling is good, as is its lighting. This factor is crucial for the forest since the colors to which it will be exposed can confuse it with the objective.

  • Which Nikon Scope is best?

Nikon’s best product is the FX1000, its features are superior compared to the ProStaff, although both are good for hunting. The ProStaff is light, unlike the FX1000, but it does not have the same technology, so its use is less.

  • Are Nikon Prostaff scopes any good?

The range of the NikonProstaff is good. it provides comfort and a very accurate shot to its proposed objective and it is useful. Its resistance is also admirable when suffering snow and rain conditions without damaging its visual functioning at any time.

  • Which scope is better Nikon or Leupold?

Nikon’s range is superior to Leupold’s. it has more range and shooting comfort, Leupold doesn’t provide that. As long as comfort is present in Nikon products, he will keep a list of the best scopes for his rifle.

  • Is Vortex better than Nikon?

They are scopes with different functions, Nikon has comfort and Vortex has superior scope, both perform very well in the field. If you want to hunt in the forest, use Nikon for its light management, and if you want to shoot in contests, use Vortex.


After this revision, it can be determined that there are reticles and visors, for rifles of different kinds. What you should look for using these riflescopes is to improve your vision and focus, in order to get a good hunt.

With rangefinders, telescopes, binoculars, and viewers, you can reach unsurpassed distances of up to 300 yards, with speeds of 2600 fps, to hit the target and get a good dam. The results will depend on the conditions offered by each of the viewers.

From the most technical to the simplest, you can take advantage of the many options and advantages that each one has to adapt them to the rifle and the cartridge of the hunter’s preference.

The many accessories that Nikon has to improve the hunting experience, have different measures, weights, and characteristics. For good hunting, you must have a specific goal and make an excellent choice of viewer.

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