Is your rifle scope troubling? Or are you looking for the best scope for your Rimfire rifle (22lr) and couldn’t get a trustable site to find authentic reviews? If this is the matter, you will discover the trustable site with fine products in this article.

It would be best if you looked forward to buying one of those as they are ranked in the top 5 best scopes for the 22lr rifle. So, let us get started with our review that will help to select the best product according to your need.

In this era of modern technology, mostly everybody is aware of rimfire rifles and their scope. If you love hunting or looking forward to collecting rifles, you would be aware of how adorable and accurate the rimfire rifles are with their shots and targets.

Top 5 Best Scopes For Rimfire Rifle (22lr) Reviews 2021

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Many shooters have set a myth in their minds that they can operate the rimfire by paring it to any other scope; this is not at all a case. The rifle’s scopes are designed differently. The rimfire rifle shots depend on their scope. So, here are some best 22lr scopes for rimfire rifles.

1. Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope

Simmons has designed their Turplex .22 Mag riflescope with a very efficient optical sense. You can improve the rimfire rifle by adding the turplex .22 mag riflescope by Simmons to magnify the object from away far distance. The Triplex .22 mag riflescope by Simmons has multiple features. Some of the highlighted features as defined below;


It is designed as a one-piece tube construction for easy, simple, and efficient handling. While being easy to handle, this scope also has greater strength and more outstanding durability. For having a bright and sharp image, the structure is coated with high-quality optical Glass. It also provides high contrast. This rifle won’t be huddle for you in any dangerous weather conditions as it is fog proof, waterproof, and even shockproof.


This riflescope is sized as 3-9x32mm. It is available in two colors, which are silver and matte black. The weight of this turplex .22 mag riflescope is 1 pound. This riflescope can give you a view of a very far distance. The reported distance is 100yards; 31.4 / 10.5. The eye relief is (in / mm) 3.75 / 95. The exit pupil is about 10.7 / 3.6 (mm).


The turplex .22 mag riflescope is structured with the best and high quality because it has invested a lot in the quality of this riflescope. The adjustment of other products to design this riflescope was also chosen with the verticalization of high quality. The shot is all dependent on the rifle scope. That’s why the company has adjusted the highest quality eye relief, sure grip, and best optic glass so that you would be more focused on the hunt without destructing the sounding.

  • Easy handling with a comfortable grip
  • Have a far vision view
  • strength and greater durability
  • High quality
  • The manufacture does not have a weight figure for a ring.
  • It is way too lighter.

It is the best 22lr scope. This riflescope is best for military use as it has excellent strength and durability. This scope can also be useful if used for hunting purposes.

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2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Scope

It is one of the best riflescopes for 22lr as it has the best version of the BDC reticle. It is suitable for shooting and targeting far ranges. If you are the hunter and looking for the best scope with long eye relief, you must purchase this vortex optics crossfire scope. Vortex optic crossfire scope has many useful features, but here are some highlighted features below;


The vortex optics crossfire riflescope is structured in the dead-hold BDC style. It is a single-piece tube made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, with long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box. It helps you in providing sight pictures and then in acquire your target. It also has a fast-focusing eyepiece, which allows quick and easy reticle focusing.


This riflescope contains anti-reflective and fully multicoated lenses that provide bright and clear vision. Its maximum elevation adjustment is about 60 M.A.O. The elevation adjustment 60 M.A.O. has capped reset turrets, which is figure adjustable. It can be zero after sighting in. 


You can select it with your desired size, as it comes in different sizes. The weight of the vortex optics riflescope is 1.4 pounds. It is only available in black color. It is shockproof and fog proof and waterproof, so it means you can use this in any weather without having a fear of rain, fog, current, or water.

  • It is styled in the BDC structure
  • Easy to handle
  • Have an excellent elevation adjustment
  • Single-piece tube
  • It does not come along with a flip-up scope cover
  • No mounting ring is included with the scope

This vortex optical scope is a high-quality product at a reasonable price. It does not come along with mount rings, but it works great, but you can also add any other mount rings if you want to.

3. Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Scope

This 3-9×32 matte black riflescope is also the best scope for a rimfire rifle. It provides a clear sight picture no matter whats the weather is conducting. It also includes 3/8″ dovetail mountain rings. It is easy to handle with its sure grip and rubber surface. Due to which you can easily adjust the scope of the rifle for shooting. This product has a lot of useful features. Some of the highlighted features are given below;


It is a one-piece tube. It is constructed with Q.T.A., Quick Target Acquisition, and the lens is fully coated. The weight of the scope is about 0.625 pounds, or we can say 10 oz. The length is 12″ or 304.8 mm. it has a triplex reticle. It has a wide field of view, which is about 100 yards and plenty of eye relief. It is also waterproof and fog proof.


This is constructed with high-quality optical Glass. The lens is coated with a hydro shield, which helps in maintaining clear vision in every weather. The lens provides a bright and sharp vision and images. The field of view is impressive, about 100 yards. It has adequate eye relief and the exit pupil is approximately 10.7 – 3.6 mm. the parallax correction can be preset from 50 yards to infinity.


It is manufactured with a sure grip rubber surface, which can be adjusted under any circumstance. The description is about 3-9×32 A/O. Eye relief is 3.75,” and the adjustment range is about 60/60. It is in matte black color and the model name 511039. It would not be a problem in your hunting schedule as it is waterproof and fog proof. So you can use it in any weather condition.

  • Easy to adjust with its unique 60/60 adjusting range
  • You can use it in any weather condition
  • Have a great field of vision
  • It has a triplex reticle
  • Rings that come along with it are useless
  • It has cancer and reproductive harm

This is a good scope for 22lr as it has a great lens with adequate eye relief and pupil exit. It is also suitable for military use or hunting as it is easy to adjust and provides a clear, bright, and sharp image.

4. Bushnell Banner Eye Relief Scope

Bushnell riflescope is an advanced gadget for those who love to hunt during sunrise and sunsets. Its multicoated process has a unique experience of sunrise and sunset. H.D.’s clarity of the scenes makes it a fantastic optic piece for the people. Following are the significant features of this riflescope:

Low Light Magnification and Eyepiece:

With magnification power 3-9x and 40mm objective lens, this riflescope gives a clear and H.D. view. The Multi-X reticle has a crosshair view of the perfect target for the hunters. Moreover, the eyepiece is 12 inches long for a fast focus. The eyepiece is perfectly designed in 3.3 inches of eye relief for a better and comfortable scene.

Dusk and Dawn Brightness:

As per recommendations and suggestions of professional hunters, early-morning light and late-evening light is best to hunt. This time is best for varmint, slug, 22rimfire, black powder, and turkey hunting. Bushnell riflescope can be considered a much better scope for .22LR. 

Bushnell riflescope comes with great multicoated technology. It bears lenses with dusk and dawn brightness, which gives them a perfect ambiance. This coating provides a clear and bright view in critical lights of sunrise and sunset. 

Elegant body:

Bushnell riflescope has an innovative, stylish, and attractive black body, which pulls customers’ eyes on itself. The body has an eyepiece lens and an objective lens. These lenses are of high quality and adjustable distance. The body has ¼ M.O.A. fingertip adjustable knobs, which provide adjustment of the length of the riflescope.

These features also help in fixing the 22lr rifle. With E.X.O. barrier technology, this riflescope prevents water and moisture. Water/fog-proof body of plastic contains fog to vaporize on the eyepiece and allows for standing water for up to 30 minutes. Fog vaporization can cause a blur vision during a hunt and hinders the location of the target. 

  • Low light magnification
  • Dusk and dawn brightness
  • Quality optics
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Do not come with scope rings

This riflescope serves its service best for the deer and varmint hunts and can be considered for others.

5. BSA 3-9X40 Rifle Scope

An outstanding riflescope, B.S.A. sweet .22SP riflescope, is yet another tremendous .22lr scope. This gives a wide range of views with adjustment to 10 yds to infinity. New and excellent features with the beautiful black body make it outstanding among the other scopes. Multicoated lenses and 30/30 duplex technology have added to their function. These are some of the unique features of B.S.A. 3-9X40:

Parallax Setting:

The riflescope comes with a side parallax setting adjustment, which gives a wide range of views from 10 yds to infinity. With grain turret for 36gr, 38gr, and 40gr, cartridges benefit with an interchangeable fix for the rifle. It has ¼ M.A.O., which means one click moves the bullet ¼ inches at 100 yards. It can be changed when the shot moves 1/8″ at 50 yards.

Simple and stylish design:

The body of the B.S.A. sweet riflescope has a stylish black body constructed of aluminum. This body is 100% waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof for best prevention from moisture. B.S.A. has a 30/30 duplex crosshair reticle, which gives a perfect target facility. 

Low and High Magnification Lenses:

It has a low magnification of 3 and a high magnification of 9 with a 40mm wide objective lens. This altogether gives a clear, zoomed, and comprehensive view of the scene. Glass-made lenses are fully multicoated with a 3″ sunshade for bright colors. The eyepiece has a fast focus feature, which enables you to adjust your focus target anywhere.

  • 30/30 duplex reticle
  • 36gr, 38gr, and 40gr cartridges
  • Water, shock, and fog proof
  • Rings are not included

B.S.A. sweet riflescope is best for gun types rimfire and centrefire. Moreover, this series of scopes has benefited varmint and big game.

What is The Best Scope For Target Shooting?

Many scopes are available in the hunt and target shooting market, but not all are fit for every kind. Each measure has specific qualities that make them best for a particular task. Deciding which is the best one in functions and looks can be complicated for a target shooter. There are several kinds of target shooting, but we are helping you for the best scope for a simple bullseye shooting.

In this article, we tell you about a scope that can be considered best for target shooting. The Leupold VX-freedom. It has several unique features that make it top of the best .22lr areas for target shooting. This scope has offered several attributes that give a different and clear target for the hunters and shooters.

Selecting the Right Scope for Your 22lr Rifle

Best Scopes For Rimfire Rifle (.22lr)

Twilight light Management System:

The amazing Leupold has a bright and clear vision with its twilight light management system. It offers light transmission, glare reduction, image contrast, and resolution for the tag. This feature has a unique effect on the viewer.

Perfectly designed body:

The main thing that first attracts is the look. Leupold VX Freedom has a stylish black body. It consists of the eyepiece, a tube of length 12.39 inches with adjustment knobs for the size and the objective lens. Machine-made of 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum has long-lasting durability and quality assembly. The durability is tested to a 33-foot depth and a multitude of pressure changes.

The click mechanism is another essential feature to highlight. It has ¼ M.O.A. finger click adjustments for windage and elevation serves a consistent attachment and dependability for a long time. This machine can survive a minimum of 5,000 impacts on the Punisher Leupold’s recoil simulation with the force of 3x the recoil of a 308 rifle for each effect. 

The body is 100% waterproof and fog proof by a proprietary gas blend and seals to avoid vaporization on the eyepiece or objective. This machine can withhold the temperature from -40⁰F to 160⁰F. It means you can easily use it for target shooting amidst all weather conditions.

High-quality Lenses:

Scratch-resistant glass lenses with a wide magnification range of 3x-9x offer a clear and bright, crisp image of the target. The lenses are fully multicoated for the distinguishable image of the scene. Gives the demanded performance to the hunters and shooters. These lenses also provide low light magnification in the early morning and late evening times.

3:1 zoom ratio and duplex crosshair reticle add on its reliability. It is also designed in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty of repair and change by its company. Target shooters are using this machine for more than a decade. 

Significant characteristics of Leopold are relentless with high-value optics. All its features make it a perfect choice for target shooters. Unbeatable accuracy, wide range magnification with adjustments helps in every kind of hunt.

 Leopold VX Freedom is reviewed by many professional hunters and shooters as best scope 22lr. Still, it is always recommended that your choice can make things different. Your convenience and handling style can be different due to which you have a right to choose according to it.

Buying Guide

Selecting a scope for your rifle can be fun, but it could be a head-scratching task when you do not have enough knowledge about guns and their accessories.

Riflescopes are available in various sizes and shapes, and each of them has a different field performance. This means that merely purchasing an expensive scope will not lead you to experience successful hunting. There are certain features that you should keep in mind while selecting the best 22LR Scopes.

1. Weight

It is an important feature to consider while looking for a rifle scope. If you think about carrying your rifle for a long time, every extra ounce of the area can weigh you down. Your rifle will have its weight, and the heavier scope will not be the right choice. If you want to reduce your rifle’s weight, you should go for a compact and a fixed-power scope with an objective of medium size. 

Since rifles are often taken for hunting, in such cases, if the gun is becoming heavier due to the weight of scope, then it will tier you up. Hunting is a work of patience, but holding a heavy rifle with a more heavy scope will not help focus on the target. Look for a scope with less weight and high quality.

2. Focus on Extended Target

If the scope cannot focus on the target, the reticle will keep hopping, and it will lead you to miss the shot. Expensive the scope is, the more focus it will have and the higher its magnification will be. If the magnification is not so high, the movements of the reticle will not be that visible. 

But if you are thinking about buying a scope with a high focus and extended target, go for a highly magnified scope. Focusing on the target is one of the most critical factors in the shooting. So 22LR scopes for Target shooting might be best for you.

3. Reticle

A right reticle is essential for a distance shoot. A rifle scope with both equal dots and marks on the vertical and horizontal axis is best for hunting reticle is the cross, patter, or drip that you use to aim when looking at your target object through the rifle scope. When you are picking a rifle scope, you should know what type of reticle you need and your goal as a shooter? 

You can choose reticles based on the need and requirement of the situation. However, selecting a reticle for your rifle a personal decision too. What are the features you need in your rifle, and what is your rifle’s purpose? These factors will help you to understand what kind of scope you need.  

4. Eye Comfort

Eye comfort should be one of the essential characteristics that you should be looking for in a rifle scope. To put it in simple words, the eye comfort of scope is the distance between the eyepiece lens of your rifle scope and your eye while you are looking through the lens.

This distance might be small but has a significant place in getting a great shot and selecting a scope. With this feature’s help, you will be able to see your target and the area surrounding your target without even keeping your eye right against the eyepiece lens.

An accurate distance suitable for eye comfort should be about 3-4 inches. Usually, a rifle kickbacks when you shoot, so if you keep this distance between your eye and the eyepiece while shooting. Having the right eye comfort can make a noticeable difference in your shooting experience. 

5. Magnification

You might think that if you have magnified the field view, 10 xs will make your hunting easy, but that is not the case. Increasing the magnification will not help you because your field view will keep jumping around due to just your heartbeat or breathing. These small trembles will make your bullet’s trajectory downrange by three hundred yards. 

No matter what type of scope you have, you should not fill your view with just your target alone.  If, while looking through the lens, all you see is your target but not a little surrounding, then you should reduce the magnification and refocus your lens. If you are counting on the target’s elaboration to get a better shot, you are doing it wrong because it will negatively impact your field of view. 

And if you are buying a scope for competition, then you have to look for a scope with characteristics such as precision and power. To choose an accurate rifle for the competition, you should know that what will be the range and the maximum distance that you will shoot at.

6. Lens Size

An objective lens at the end of the scope is the lens that is responsible for light-transmitting. The larger the objective lens, the more the amount of light entering the scope allows better performance in low lighting conditions. And you will have a clear and brighter image if the lens is bigger.

But it does not mean that you should buy the scope with the largest lens. It will make your scope heavy, and it will need taller rings. This objective lens ranges from 20mm to 72 mm. but remember that a 50 mm or larger lens requires your scope to be mounted higher. This can affect scope to eye placement. 

Make sure to mount your rifle scope as low as possible so that the objective bell does not touch the barrel. Protect your lens with some hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating to ensure the entrance of maximum brightness. 

7. Adjustable Objective

A good scope can be described as the scope that allows you to make all the essential adjustments you need. Unfortunately, not all rifle scopes offer an adjustment capability. A good rifle scope’s reference point should always be constant, making it easy to get different shots. 

You should always check for a parallax error, which can interfere with the accuracy of your target. You need to be keen while looking for a rifle scope because most rifle scopes do not or hardly show any sign of this kind of errors.

8. Price

The price of rifle scopes varies greatly. Expensive contents are built to be sturdier and are made of better material, more importantly, the Glass with “high-end ultra-low dispersion.” The choice of material has a significant impact on the lens glasses. A higher-quality glass will provide a vibrant-looking image which essential for long-range shooting. If you are looking for a scope for a “short to mid-range” shooting, then a scope with a low price would be enough for you. 

If you are using your rifle to shoot with a known distance, you need a scope capable of shooting at that distance.  You will not get a good sight of your target if the magnification is not sufficient, and the same will happen if your target is close and the elaboration of your scope is too high. These all factors will have an impact on the pricing. A scope with higher magnification will also be high in price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I put the scope on 22lr?

A well-chosen rifle scope will give you great benefits such as a red dot, iron sight, and magnification. A good rifle scope will extend your shooting range and gives you a chance to shoot accurate iron sights. If you want a good degree, then you should put an area on your 22lr.

  • What scope do snipers use?

The Leupold Mark V rifle scope is the newest and improved version of the Mark IV. This family has been creating scope while keeping the military snipers and their needs in mind. This rifle scope has been made in such a way that guarantees that the Glass will last and it can handle the powerful blasts of the rifle with each trigger pull.

  • Which scope is best for long-range shooting?

March X-series 8-80×56 mm scopes are currently the most potent and conventional scopes. This rifle scope is best for long-range shooting because they offer a true 10x zoom ratio and Magnification of almost up to 80x. These scopes have a 56 mm objective lens and a main tube of 34 mm.

  • Is magnification essential for long-range shooting?

A high Magnification scope will help you see the target clearly, even from a long distance. It helps to spot if the target was or missed. The ideal magnification for the scope varies depending on the different types of long-range shooting. The target becomes more apparent if the magnification is higher, but the focus can be blurry because of the weather.


Choosing the best 22LR scope might be the most challenging thing when buying the scope without enough knowledge about them. If you are already an expert in using your rifle, you should take it a step further by purchasing a scope for it and experiencing a new shooting level. Not everyone knows what kind of scope they should buy.

Some of the best rifle scopes for 22lr have been reviewed above. Looking at these scopes will help you find what type of scope you need and what suits you the best. There are certain factors that one needs to know while looking for the best scope for their rifle. Choosing the best scope is as important as selecting the best rifle.

A scope that is not heavy and expensive but has excellent magnification and the best quality glass lens should be your priority. The scopes reviewed above have all the features explained in the buying guide. But if you are looking for the best scopes for your rimfire, then a 22lr scope is not for you. Find the best rimfire scope that is perfect for you. Go through the list and find the scope for your 22lr.

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