Nowadays it has become very popular to go hunting for a weekend, not only this lifestyle is observed in the United States but throughout the world, and another better accessory to do so than obtaining the best SKS scope mounts assemblies for your hunting rifle and so you cannot fail at the distance that is your target.

Most of these telescope stands that we will be informing about their differences and benefits in the course of the present article, have been designed with a unique style, as well as their grip plates or with which specific materials are built. Their prices may vary depending on how good it is, but without a doubt, they are very accessible for entrepreneurs to this sport.

Its amount may vary depending on how much it attaches to the rifle with which you wish to include this accessory. Usually those present here for best scopes support come in a unique black color, so you may wonder why it does not come from another color? In the present article, we will be explaining it, as well as its ideal width and length for hunting.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the article and get motivated to acquire some of these products to improve your aim in the field.

Best SKS Scope Mounts For All Rifles 2021

There are various scope assemblies for rifles worldwide, but none with the necessary quality and variety, currently only the United States of America has great products of this nature, its variety in products is unimaginable and for this type of sport or style Life is very gratifying to know that there are assemblies for all existing tastes.

Top 5 Best SKS Scope Mount Reviews

Hunting today is something very common to practice, mostly in mountainous areas full of lots of wildlife, where getting a deer is a very important goal and not to be left behind enthusiasts to this sport want to get the best products of this aspect in the market.

1) Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount

[amazon box=”B003TX2BD4″]

This is a very well built support can be obtained in 2 different sizes long or Short Rail, it is black and has a good amount of horseshoes that work to have good support in the rifle and in turn with the sight that is installed, It has no limitations and in the purchase market in Amazon has taken most of its recommendations in 5 stars.

The benefits that the CrazyIvan SKY support brings is that it is characterized by having two types of modes, type A or type B, in which the first extends over the rifle port to protect it from worn-out housings and the type B is suitable for a more compact and secure environment, for example, if you are one of those people who wants to keep his sights as short as possible, this second type is ideal for you.

It should be said that this super stable support for your sight unlike the existing competition, so the CrazyIvan provides stability for every shot you want to make, it is just a matter of following the instructions to the letter and getting a product extremely stable and very well seen by the market in accessories for hunting weapons.

It has very detailed instructions for the precise assembly of its templates, which function is to completely guarantee the precision, effort, and safety you need. It is built on a very resistant aluminum base, with a hard mil-spec black color. It has plates that are optional for the use of holes that have been previously installed.

2) UTG PRO SKS Receiver Cover Mount

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This product is very good sight support for your rifle; it has 22 slots and a shell deflector so its stability is well above the rest. It has an extremely long design so it retains those grooves already mentioned, it is designed precisely for rifles of long designs and approximately a good creation time so it will have an ideal accessory for that rifle that he considered “unusable.”

The UTG Pro SKS of 22 slots aims to revive that love for its long-range weapon. It is available for any optical sight so it will not have limits of position or size in that aspect.

It was created with this particular design of 22 slots to give no limitations. It is flexible, compact, and with a good size to stabilize that sight and thus give an accurate shot. It is extremely resistant so that you will have many years of experience with it; it is reliable. It is effective. It is large and rigid, all this in a single product called UTG PRO SKS.

Its dimensions are 25.4 x 7.6 x 5.1 centimeters, and it has an ideal weight of 14.4 oz so it makes it very light in the field. This support is built and sold in the United States of America and can be easily obtained by the largest virtual store in the country that is Amazon. The upper part of the bar has a precision mechanism in each of its slots (22). It is built with aluminum with a beautiful matt black color.

3) West Lake Tactical Flat Scope Mount

[amazon box=”B0855N7955″]

The West Lake with a flat top of approximately 1 inch is a very stable rifle holder; it is ideal for raising the optics, flashlight, laser, sight, or any accessory 1 inch high. It is a renewing product and very efficient in the field.

This product gives us all the necessary confidence that we want to give that final shot to our prey, it has 14 slots ideal for any scope sight without counting its vertical elevation by up to 1 inch high.

It has a dark design to camouflage as best as possible and ensures a very easy assembly. it does not necessarily require tools so in any

This type of supports is compatible with Picatinny rifles or Weaver rails. It has 5.7 inches in slots so it is large enough to own 14 of these.

It is completely made of iron, and its small wheels to assemble and disassemble are made of slightly stronger and lighter steel, ideal for not dipping in the process of use. Its weight is approximately 173 grams or 6.1 oz.

Its dimensions respectively are 144 millimeters in length by 30 mm in width or 5.67 ”by 1”.

4) Monstrum Offset Cantilever Scope Mount

[amazon box=”B00AU6DDTY”]

These types of frames have a special character, that they do not have grooves for stability, but contain rings of up to 1.0 diameters. Ideal for telescopes of that characteristic.

They are built in extremely light aluminum that will not add that annoying additional weight offered by their predecessor rail supports is small, flexible, and very easy to assemble. It is compatible with any rifle that is equipped with Picatinny rail.

In addition to this, the Monstrum company brings a lifetime warranty is its products, so its purchase is very convenient, although it is not expected that the company knows very well what product it has and how good it is with the passing of years in the shooting range.

Its flexibility is very suitable for any rifle to use since it has 2.0, which allows that required range and that relief by not forcing the eyes or feeling uncomfortable enough when making a short or long-range shot.

Its weight is 6.4 ounces so it makes it very light compared to other rifle stands, it is aesthetically beautiful and lightweight in terms of functionality, this ring holder is very resistant and has a resounding approval of more than five stars with the 76% that can be appreciated by Amazon where it is available for sale.

5) Monstru Scope Mount

[amazon box=”B004NCHB9O”]

The rifle mounts that the Monstrum Company brings us is very good. it has 1 meter in diameter in each of its rings. So your telescope will give the stability for each shot that is required.

This particular design is very light, elegant, flexible, and very resistant so it will not leave you badly on the shooting range, much less when you want to shoot your prey. This North American product is the favorite in-home sport; it is ideal if you do not want to feel limited to the rail supports that have been cataloged for having an unnecessary dead weight.

It is ideal for telescope tubes up to 1 inch, which at this stage of technological level, many of these accessories have that diameter or even much less, so this support is compatible with any telescope that you have or want to purchase in the future.

Practice hunting with quality products that do not disappoint you is an investment that you will keep for life and give you the stability and confidence that you crave so much. This particular product is very sold in the market so you should not be left behind and be part of the team; this will give you an advantage in any situation and will help you shoot accurately at any distance you want.

Things You Know Before Buy Scope Mounts

The scope Mout for rifles or scope mounts is a very important accessory to practice hunting formally. They are accessories that must be acquired to have better precision and control of your telescope by which it will be governed to pull that trigger and hit the target. Many people take these objects in vain and have caused a major accident.

You should not be an amateur hunter to know that these rifle mounts are very important for your long weapon, you don’t have to be a professional to know how much stability this accessory offers you.

The Scope Mount is so light that you will not feel that it is something extra in your rifle so you should not worry about it and carry unnecessary dead weight in the field of marriage. Smart hunters take some of their time to investigate and know that these ring assemblies are the best decision over the rail with their thousands of markers and extra centimeters.

On some occasions, conventional rifles require amount with a certain angle, which mostly offers the mentioned moose and anchor tracks, but what if I tell you that the Scope Mount also offers that would you believe me? Yes, even if you don’t believe it, this accessory offers that inclination you need.

Also, these Scope Mount offers us that necessary separation between shotgun and sight or telescope that we require to achieve accurate shots and quick recovery after the kick that this rifle gives us. The thing that the rail assembly does not offer since its separation is so minimal that it interferes with the overview.

Knowing this, there is nothing left to say to accompany me in the course of the present article to see its characteristics, prices, and other things you should know to not only get a Scope Mount for your rifle but to have the best in the aftermarket for weapons, join me and inform yourself about this very important product for your rifle.

  • Weight

Especially the product offered by the company Monstrum with its Monstrum Slim Profile Series Offset CantileverPicatinnyScope Mount weights approximately 6.6 oz or 187.107 grams so it makes it very light compared to other products. Each ring it has does not give a weight greater than 1 oz.

Its weight is so light that in your rifle, you will not feel the difference, this is achieved thanks to its bright materials as light as resistant, it is built with aluminum as well as its two rings that give a weight taking of 6 or 5 ounces.

This product is very well sold for its light composition, so it is not surprising that it is so popular in the market for accessories for hunting rifles. On Amazon, you can see that most of his positive comments are based on his weight that is so incredible how unbelievable that many customers question if it is a joke.

This accessory for rifles contains everything you want, a flexible, lightweight, and sophisticated design so you will not make a bad choice and much less a bad purchase. Visit their sales website and get it to go hunting more easily the next time you are encouraged.

  • Fit

It has a very well guaranteed fit for your Picatinny rifle; it has 2 inches of extension towards the front which allows additional flexibility and optical relief of another level, something that other mounts do not offer and make the hunting experience a complete and total disaster of atmospheric proportions.

It has a double ring holder that is used for mounting the telescope no larger than 1 inch in diameter, which currently most of the telescopes have been built so this standard measure is included for any telescope so its mount Scope Mount is linkable with almost anything.

The base of this accessory is approximately 3 inches long. Between its rings, there are 2.5 inches so it makes it extremely long and stable to place anything on top. The assembly itself is 5.5 fleas in total length. Its rings are built for standard tube telescopes, or as mentioned above, 1 inch. Your rail is completely standard.

  • Design

This type of rifle mounts have a basic design, and with specific colors for a perfect camouflage, they are usually green, black, or brown color, but in this case, the Scope Mount has a slim profile design to a matt black color.

The objective of its design is to guarantee the user simplicity, but very good elegance in the accessory, so the series of Monstrum Slim Profile frames was achieved by this approval among its loyal customers, giving it a “light but beautiful” mount.

I consider that this type of mount is very beautiful for your assault rifle that will be used for hunting, target shooting, or other sports that are required, it is extremely elegant and very well observed, but retaining the duration, flexibility, and safety that the customer needs for each shot in the field of play or hunting.

  • Durability

Its duration is very high for those materials with which such an accessory is built. It is small but very resistant; it contains aluminum-based elements with something additional that does not reflect your company with what they do for such a duration that it could go through generations.

It is stipulated that the duration of a conventional mount is one decade or ten years, for those who do not understand me, at most but this mount especially provides a lifetime warranty on your product so it can be concluded that the company He knows very well what he has and how good it can be, so do not skimp on placing these benefits since they are aware of their duration well above everything.

It should be said that everything also depends on its use and for which recreational area it will be used if it is for hunting in forests and its accessory is well-mounted achieving the flexibility you want because that amount will last you for life. But if your accessory was mounted incorrectly, because its daily use could wear it even faster and in a matter of years or months it will not work and will have to be replaced.

  • Alignment

Maintains a perfect alignment for the eye, self-adjusting in any situation, this type of frames specializes in that area so you will not feel any discomfort for every shot taken. It is known for sure that these ring mounts replaced the rail mounts; for obvious reasons, these accessories are even more reliable and their alignment is not far behind.

And if you doubt what is reflected in this block, I invite you to get a ring mount like this and see how good it will feel to have a comfortable view from your telescope. it has a perfect inclination, it can be adjusted to taste, of course, but, in short, its alignment and control over it is the main trigger and most important in the subject.

Many people have complained about the visual alignment of the headgear mounts for being a short distance away, the barrel of their long gun to the vision telescope, but no more complaints with the ring mount, they are a very well-received technology and of excellent quality, without saying more, if you want comfort, go and buy a Scope Mount for its alignment, design, duration, and other things.

  • Cost

We have already talked about the various Scope Mount offered by the company for Monstrum Slim rifles, now how expensive is this rifle mount? I know that many will be surprised to know the low price with the multiple benefits and technology that this mount offers us, perhaps many think that it is a joke in bad taste.

It should be said that the price of this ring mount is very low above its competition, so we are talking about US $$, such an amount is so low and so beneficial in the field that it is a gift.

And not only has that but momentarily the largest online store in the EEUU made offers on these types of accessories for rifles. It is so amazing that it can lower more than the stipulated price that cannot be believed by its users.


If you want a quality product, with an excellent design, I recommend the rifle telescope mount offered by that company. such an accessory is beautiful and cheap, things that not only in the United States but part of the world for those enthusiasts to The hunt is very accessible.

If your key objective is to hunt, but you lack good accessories because the Scope Mount is the best option, it offers such stability that your task of supplying food for the home through hunting will be a child’s play, you will feel that this accessory is part of the rifle and I will not feel any additional weight thanks to its construction technology.

It is fully aligned for all tastes so you will not feel any discomfort when looking through the telescope, it is self-adjusting and gives you the freedom to mount any vision object that does not exceed the meter in diameter than each of its rings has.

The one who knows about quality knows very well that the Scope Mount is the best option nationally and worldwide if you are a fan of this sport or lifestyle, with only 6 oz of weight this accessory is ideal for running after that dam you want Eagerly.

Briefly, it can be said that thanks to these important accessories for hunting is that today this important and interesting lifestyle has been expanded and practiced more, as far as Scope Mount is concerned, it is ideal for all types of rifle and is the most reliable, safe and cheap option to have great results in the field.

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