Top 5 Best Vortex Rifle Scopes Reviews 2021 (Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals)

If you know the best brands of scopes then it easy for you to pick the scope for your rifle. We provide you best vortex scopes 2021 for .308 so you can read the reviews and get the best selling scope under budget.

Best Vortex Hunting ScopesThis company founded in 2004, located in Wisconsin, United States, manufactures the most versatile accessories to have a hunt with excellent results. Undoubtedly, Vortex is the one who makes an optical vortex of unsurpassed quality, with many features that make it unique.

In addition, from the best viewers, they also offer telemeters, telescopes, binoculars, red knitwear, monoculars, and other elements, which help the hunter to have a very satisfactory experience, increasing the vision.

In this article, the most outstanding particularities of the viewers will be highlighted and everything that may be needed for any budget. One of the most important aspects of these supplements is that they have a guarantee for life, which makes it very reliable.

Real-Time Black Friday Deals 2021

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Top 5 Best Vortex Scopes Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Vortex Optics Diamondback4.7/5 Check Price
Vortex Razor HD3.8/5 Check Price
Vortex Optics Crossfire II4.7/5 Check Price
Vortex Optics Viper HS-T4.8/5 Check Price
Vortex Optics 30mm4.9/5 Check Price

As mentioned above, these products are guaranteed by the manufacturer for life, which makes them quite popular, among those seeking quality elements to have an effective hunt.

Among the variety of models with multiple features, we can mention the line Razor HD, Ranger, Viper, Diamond Back, Copperhead, Eagle Attack, Ranger, Golden Eagle HD, and Crossfire II, among many other viewers.

Characteristics of Vortex Scopes


  • HD: high performance, excellent optics. Reticle EBR-2B weighs 35.2 ounces, measures 15.8 “and 35 mm in diameter.
  • HD-LH: better vision conditions. Reticle HSR-4, G4 BDC; weighs from 13.4 oz to 16.5 oz, with a length between 11 “and 13.5” and a diameter of 12 “.
  • AMG: this model has the long-range reach vortex, with a range of vision of 20.4 ‘at a distance of 100 yards. It is very lightweight with 28.8 oz., Waterproof, with a grid of EBR-7B MOA, length of 15.2 “and a diameter of 30 mm.
  • GEN II: designed for conditions in which a short or medium range is required, with a vision from 25.3 to 4.4 ‘, from 37.8 to 6.25’ and from 115.2 to 20.5 ‘in 100 yards. Reticle EBR-1C and 2C MOA, VMR-2, and JM-1 weigh between 48.5 oz and 25.2 oz, with diameters from 10.1 “to 14.4” and diameter from 30 mm to 34 mm.
  • GEN II-E: can be used in medium or short range. Reticle VMR-2 MOA and JM-1 MOA, viewing range from 115.2 to 20.5 ‘, with a weight of 21.55 ounces, 10.1 “in length and 30 mm in diameter.


  • PST GEN II: offers high precision and with renewed heights. Reticle EBR-2C, EBR-4, VMR-2 MOA, with a weight between 22.7 oz and 31.2 oz, a length of 10.9 ‘to 16’ and a diameter of 30 mm several models.
  • PST: series designed for very accurate shots. Reticle EBR-1, 2C, TMCQ MOA, weight between 14.4 oz and 24.4 oz, length from 9.7 “to 15.5” and diameter of 30 mm.
  • HS-T: for wide distance with hashmark Reticle VMR-1 MOA, weight from 20.8 oz to 22.6 oz, between 13.7 “and 15.5” in length and 30 mm in diameter.
  • HS LS: a design for long ranges, fast focus. Reticle XLR, Dead-Hold BDC; weighs between 21.4 oz and 22.4 oz., measures 13.7 “to 15.5” in length and 30 mm in diameter.
  • HS: excellent optics with a MAG vision and 4x zoom. V-Plex Reticle, Dead-Hold BDC, weighs from 16.5 oz to 21.4 oz, is 12 “to 15.5” long and 30 mm in diameter.


  • Tactical: resistant, telescopic vision, reset to zero. Reticle EBR-2C, VMR-1; weighs from 15.9 oz to 24.6 oz, measures between 12.5 “and 14.5” and the diameter from 30 mm to 1 “.
  • HP: optimal functions, vision, zoom, and focus. V-Plex Reticle, Dead-Hold BDC, weighs 12.8 oz at 18.0 oz, measures between 10.2 “and 12.8”, with a diameter of 1.

Golden Eagle HD

  • For class F competition. Reticle ECR-1, SCR-1; weighs 29.7 oz, measures 16.1 “, with a diameter of 30 mm.


  • Adaptable to AR. TMCQ Reticle, the weight of 16.2 oz, measures 9.7 “in length and 30 mm in diameter.

Eagle Attack

  • For short and long range, light and practical, reticle EBR-4, AR-BDC2; weight from 17.6 oz to 25.6 oz, length from 10 “to 14.9” and diameter of 30 mm.

Crossfire II

  • Durability, fast lens focus, improved lenses, adjustable reactors. V-Plex Reticle Dead-Hold BDC, V-Brite, V-Plex Rimfire, weight between 8.0 oz and 23.6 oz, measures from 8.9 “to 14.5” and has a diameter of 30 mm to 1 “.


  • Resists recoil, lasting and optimal reach. BDC Reticle, weight 15.8 oz., 13.5 “length and 1-inch diameter.

Vortex Scopes For Hunting

This brand has different alternatives for all levels of hunters, from beginners to the most experienced. The wide range of prices is also a feature that offers those who are looking for a high-quality viewer but with variable conditions for all budgets.

As for the alternatives offered by the product, you will find the best image of the objective, with surprising clarity. As for the resistance, its structure built in a piece of aluminum gives it the greatest strength, makes it indestructible and against blows.

Made with toric connections, they get the viewer to be waterproof, fog, snow, dust, moisture and any weather condition. The height, parallax, and resistance offered to the wind, favor the quality of the vortex range.

With a range of 300 to 400 yards, the hash technique acts with good wind resistance over long distances. It provides relief to the eye of higher quality, being able to focus quickly and reset to zero.

It offers a variety of weights and lengths to choose from, according to the hunter’s requirements. An unlimited warranty on all viewers and ensures the replacement of parts that do not work properly.

Top 5 Best Vortex Scopes Reviews

Doing a more detailed analysis of two models of Vortex viewers, will highlight the versatility, benefits, results, and opinions range vortex rifle users, to answer the question Are the vortex good? and define its characteristics.

1) Vortex Optics Diamondback

It is configured for large animals, so it has a range of long distances. The inactivity of the retention of the BDC reticle is useful for hunting in which retention and distance should be considered.

It has coated lenses, to see clearly throughout the day. It can be focused quickly, through the eyepiece and the reticle. The restoration to zero is achieved by the turret that is precision and is on metal.

It ensures optimal repetition and follow-up, thanks to the sliding system, which is very precise. The piece is solid, resistant to shock, and allows to hide the location of the hunter. It is impermeable and against fog, by the toric union and the argon.


It has a zoom that enlarges the image between 4 and 12 times, provides an eye relief of 3.1 inches, the vision is from 32.4 to 11.3 in 100 yards, the turret is covered, lens 40 mm in diameter, tube 1 inch, rotation of 15 MOA.

Regarding the adjustment of graduation is 15 MOA, the maximum elevation and the wind of 60 MOA, parallax is 100 meters. It has a weight of 14.6 ounces and comes with covers and cloth for the lenses.

  • Raincoat
  • Zoom 4x
  • Access to the side and parallax approach
  • A lens with glass that increases the resolution
  • Excellent optical and performance
  • Optimum mounting and adjustment height
  • Warranty for life
  • Accessible price
  • It works with daylight

2) Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope

This model is designed at an angle, with a Premium density glass, which gives the best resolution. The Armor Tek coating keeps the lens protected from dirt, scratches, and grease stains.

It provides clear and colorful images by the dielectric prism coating. The brightness is increased by the XR anti-reflective coating. It has an apochromatic triplet lens and the Porro Prism, for an excellent quality of image performance.

It is totally waterproof, due to the toric union and the purged argon, which do not allow it to fog up or dust, humidity, and dirt to affect the vision. Fits the rifle easily, using four screws, socket model.


Zoom from 20x to 60x. It has T-15 Torx screws, for a secure attachment, comes with two rings of 30 mm. It has measures of 14 “long, 7.5” wide, and 5.2 “in diameter, with a weight of 6.55 pounds.

  • High-density lens
  • Armor Tek coating for protection against bumps and dirt
  • Dielectric shade for clear and color images
  • Higher brightness with XR anti-reflective coating
  • Apochromatic triplet lens and Porro Prism to improve the image
  • Completely airtight, moisture-proof
  • Quite expensive

3) Vortex Optics Crossfire II

When you have such good entertainment, you need quality products like those that Vortex brings to you whenever you want. The brand engages in the sport of hunting and shooting with its rifle competitively for its vision.

The versatility of the product is incredible; in addition to this, it has its lightness, vision, composition, and other very important characteristics. Vortex is quality compressed into a very useful view, with an incredible range of view that won’t miss your shot.

Initially, the Vortex OpticsCrossfire II version has a good rating; their market value is very high, check it out. It is no mystery to anyone that its aesthetic value also gives much to talk about, the product is very elegant.

With a matte black color, the Vortex sight came to fall in love and stay in your life; its function is superior. The function is superior compared to its unique presentation; it has a vision of 30 mm in the diameter of each end.

Your vision will not be affected by sun reflections or any other object found in nature. It focuses very well on your target and sets all negative lighting aside for a clean shot.

4) Vortex Optics Viper HS-T

For the moment, Vortex, as a special brand to buy your rifle scopes, has perfected its products for your enjoyment. Accuracy is essential for this line of high-range telescopes, in addition to its accurate shooting control.

If you like to be in the forest hunting all living things that nature can give you, then buy a good range. With a quality scope like the Vortex Optics Viper HS-T, you will achieve your goal with highly advanced technology for your rifle.

The fit that the optics viper has with any model of the rifle is absolute, but still investigate before buying it. For the Vortex line of telescopes or rifle scopes, they are pleased to give you a unique and indispensable quality product.

The optics viper aesthetically fulfills the function of being very attractive with a matte black finish to give it integrity with your weapon. Its weight does not exceed 1.9 pounds, so it is useful to get it for a few hours of hunting.

It’s 30 mm reticle gives it a very good peripheral vision; nothing escapes its range. The magnification is 10x maximum; this is enough to give your target a sure shot to shoot down.

The resolution is unique in the product, and this is added by its green color, ideal for improving your shot. The color, in addition to giving focus, also gives sharpness to your vision, although believe it or not, this matters in hunting.

The vision booster, disperser, and booster are conveniently available on the vortex optics viper hs-t. The range’s margin of error is 0.01%, given such a good reticle in your vision.

5) Vortex Optics 30mm Tube Riflescopes

There is a very useful version of the vortex crossfire, but this time it will have its part improved with some vision problems. In riflescopes, the only thing that matters is the vision; it must be impeccable and give it a unique functionality.

Vortex is a very good brand dedicated to the world of hunting; it is identified with its long-range products. Each of its products has very good precision, as well as its ten or 11x zoom radius.

The shooting diameter is also admirable in this brand of telescopes; its standard measurement is 30 mm, very useful. With such a high range, comfort will be present at all times while using it, as easy as it is safe to use.

Its size does not exceed 13 inches, a little smaller than its previous version, and its weight is 1.6 pounds. This crossfire version of Vortex decreased the shooting error margin to over 99.9%, a fantastic achievement for hunting.

With such a low margin of error, you will have no limits to hunt or participate in shooting competitions with amateurs in the sport. Vortex gives you the possibility to show off your precision, control, and focus on the target without much problem; it will have the style with the design.

Its light transmission should not be exempt; it maintains a focus of 98% while its color contrast is good. Eliminate anything that can distract you from your view, from strong colors to annoying lights in the area where you are hunting.

Use the product at all times, do not worry if it rains, snows make a horrible sun, the Vortex will support it. The vision color is green; this increases your focus range, and hitting the mark, give it a try today.

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Long Range Scope 1000 Yards in 2021

Vortex viewers have innumerable qualities that favor the rapid focus of the lens, the sharpness of the image, then reset to zero, the performance, the adjustments of the vision, parallax, reticle, turret, and more.

But one of the most salient features sought by hunters is to get the best scopes for rifles. Is the vortex a good reach? When an excellent range is maintained at this distance, very accurate results will be obtained.

The best range of vortex for long-range shots is offered by the Vortex Ranger model. It has a reflective distance between 1300 and 1800 yards, with a field of vision of 315 ‘/ 6.0º.

 In addition, it has the best vortex range for deer hunting, between 600 and 900 yards. The magnification of the lens diameter is 6×22, with a relief for the eye of 17 mm and a weight of 7.7 oz.

In terms of improved vision, the Razor line has many features in the lenses, the coating, and the protection it provides to the eye. Becoming one of those that offers better visualization of the objective, even in color, over great distances.

Other models of Vortex, such as the Razor HD 16-48×65, have APO vision systems, XRPlus coverage, and HD lenses, to improve the brightness and color of the image, to have control over the objective.

Vortex monoculars are a great option to obtain a good range of vision. Among the most prominent models is the RECCE PRO HD 8×32, with a range of vision of 400 ‘/ 7.6º, with an eye relief of 14.5 mm and a distance of 5.0 for close focus.

The RECON R / T line has a range of vision of 215 ‘/ 4.1 º to 280’ / 5.3º, with a distance of 12 ‘close focus, the eye adjustment is between 16 mm and 19.5 mm, in their models 15×50 and 10×50, offering excellent vision and easy grip for quick use.

The SOLO monocular is quite compact, measuring between 4.4 “and 4.9”, the field of vision it offers is between 315 ‘/ 6 º to 378’ / 7.2 º, with a distance of 16.4 ‘for close focus. The eye adjustment is between 14.5 mm and 18 mm, on the 8×25, 8×36, 10×25, and 10×36 models.

Its size allows the hunter to use it quickly, in addition, has a grip clip on the 36 mm models, which is held on flat surfaces for a better location. It is useful for all types of hunters, from amateurs to experienced, with a clear field display.

The SOLO R / T model has a Ranging grid to accurately estimate distance and shots. It has a vision of 393 ‘/ 7.5º and an eye relief of 18 mm. The focus distance is 16.4 ‘.

Which scope is best for the observation field?

Diamondback binoculars provide the widest field of observation for all environments. It covers wide distances and captures objectives very easily, excellent performance in poorly lit places, an effective optical system, and optimum performance, which provides the coating of layers in dielectric lenses.

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The field of vision at 1000 yards is 105-51 ‘/ 2.0-1.0 º up to 114-51’ / 2.2-1.0 º, on the right and angle models 20-60×80 and 20-60×60, with a focus range of 20 ‘at 22’ and an eye relief of 17-14 mm at 20-16.5 mm.

The lines of the design are elegant and ergonomic, offering a good grip so that the hunter can handle it with ease. As for the weight, they are very light, easy to carry and handling is not complicated.

The Viper line offers an observation field at 1000 yards from 101-50 ‘/ 1.9-1º up to 136 5-67.8’ / 2.6-1-3º, in its angular and right models 20x60x85 and 15-45×65, with fine focus, sharp visualization of the objective and impressive approach, which reaches images at great distances.

It has different models of position, offering a right or angular vision, with a distance between 23 ‘and 36’ close focus. The helical design provides a very detailed image of the lens and keeps the adjustments to the maximum, for a perfect vision.

The vision ranges of Razor designs have an excellent design with apochromatic lenses, equipped with the triplet, which eliminates color stripes, low resolution, providing the best range for long distances.

Offering a field of vision at 1000 yards from 117-68 ‘/ 2.2-1.3º up to 191-96’ / 3.6-1.8º, on models such as 27-60×85, 22-48×65, or 11-33×50, with eye positions right or angle and a distance between 6.6 ‘and 26.2’ of close focus.

Vortex launches the Razor HD 18X / 23X LER Ocular, with stable power and eye relief of 31 mm, only in 65 mm or 85 mm model telescopes, The field of vision in 1000 yards is 163 ‘feet in the 65 mm and 131 ‘feet in the 85 mm.

As for the extension of the range, it offers a range of 18x in the 65mm and 23x in the 85mm, with an angular vision range of 3.1 degrees in 65 mm and 2.5 degrees in 85 mm. Its size is 3.1 inches and it weighs 13.9 ounces.

Long Range Scopes of Vortex Brand

The Razor HD model is the one that offers a greater field of vision at this distance, being able to increase the range with the accessory 18X / 23X LER Ocular, which contributes to improving the range of vision.

In second place is the Viper model and the Diamondback follows, with a very clear vision, thanks to the dielectric lenses, which offer an excellent image of the objective, to achieve a hunt with satisfactory results.


Among the different designs of Vortex viewers, there are a variety of features, which offer different angles for greater observation, the eye relief rates are varied for the hunter to choose the most appropriate.

Fields of vision over long distances can be increased with the use of the viewfinder that offers better range and adding accessories and additional lenses, which improve the focus and allow distinguishing the prey more easily.

Lastly, Vortex’s lifetime guarantee is an indicator of the unsurpassed quality of its products. They have the advantage of being resistant to blows and to inclement weather, such as rain, snow, fog, humidity; as well as dust, grease, and other factors that could tarnish and deteriorate the lens.

The toric connection and the argon gas offer strength to the visor structure so that it can be used under extreme conditions, either at high or low temperatures or in different external scenarios, it will remain in perfect condition.

With the Best vortex areas for money Comments, users support the quality of Vortex viewers and binoculars, telescopes, rangefinders, monoculars, tripods and other elements involved in the process.

The opinions of the hunters have led the brand to position itself among the most sought by fans of this sport, serving as a guide for many people interested in entering this wonderful world.

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