For hobbyists and hunting professionals, winter seasons are often the most difficult when it comes to observing perimeters or distances that are too long. Therefore, the Celestron C90 spotting scope will be the right investment for such situations.

Celestron 52268 C90 Spotting Scope Review

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Choosing the right one is a matter of knowing which features contribute more than others, but it is also essential to take into account the prestige and range of user comments about the product. And in that sense, the Celestron C90 spotting scope combines both aspects perfectly.

For those who are looking for an outstanding team, in the telescope industry, Celestron should join the list to consider. Manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in the market, this Maksutov telescope is among the best sellers.

Take into account the questions that are due, this model is the best purchase that could be made currently because it offers quality and satisfactory results. Particularly for bird hunters or small creatures, the C90 Mak receives universal praise for its structure, ergonomics, and performance.

The structure is assembled with a diameter of 90 mm and an optimal multilayer that since its first launch, in the 70s, has managed to adapt and improve as technology advances. Today, it is programmed with one of the best areas that customers can find.

Continuing with the structural part, the C90 uses metal components that guarantee its durability, as well as being a reliable long-term investment. However, the remaining characteristics will be evaluated below in the most objective and honest way.

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Before buying the Celestron 52268 C90 scope you should know about the features and specifications of it.

Perfect Telescope:

It is a bit presumptuous to place this telescope as a “perfect” one. In fact, one of the most pressing complaints about him is his lack of impermeability and – for some – his price. However, what impacts Celestron is its versatility.

In expert hands, this device is the perfect hunting companion. It is professional and precise, helping with distant sights and strips, but it is also the perfect tool for astronomy fans or those who, for their own reasons, should use it.

In that sense, Maksutov markets it for what it is: the perfect telescope according to the occasion.


Going to the most technical parts, something worth highlighting from this telescope is its objective. With a mirror and main lens that collects light, the light bounces on it more fluently and the image is therefore sharper.

The diameter of the Celestron is 90 mm, although it is recommended, for dual purpose visualizations, to keep it in a range between 40 and 80 mm. At the turn of the 90s, the images appear sharper, brighter, and higher resolution.

In other words, the C90 offers 1080 pixels that are conveniently usable for long-distance captures where quality must be respected.


For some professional users, telescope zoom is unimportant, but fans, especially astronomy enthusiasts, will assess the scope of the approach.

In this, and in all telescopes, the approach is the result of the focal length of the telescope, divided by the eye diameter. The Celestron C90, in that sense, has a focal length of 1250 mm with a 32 mm eyepiece. As a result, the default increase is 39X.

Although this is the increase established by the brand, it does not mean that it is the best. According to users, the views in magnifications of 20X and 30X, the images retain their sharpness and resolution. Quality is not sacrificed for a bit of an approach.

The device also allows zooming of type 60X, but that translates as a sacrifice of the image, from which only the fuzziest details would be obtained.

Ease of Photography:

For spectators, and especially for those who work with astronomy, one of the great advantages that this team has under its belt is the T adapter.

People can connect the camera to the telescope and capture the highlights while publishing and sharing their images on social networks.

Those who love the portability, enjoy telescopes that incorporate focal length and lightness in a full pack whose design allows folding, carrying, and moving from one side to the other with total fluidity.

It really is such a positive aspect that customers highlight it again and again.

Compactibility and Weight:

With conventional refractors, a telescope can weigh almost like a car, so the Celestron C90, among its qualities, adds its compactness and lightness. This only has 40 cm of focal length and its average weight is 2.3 kilograms.

The great quality of this, in addition to its ease of movement, is that the sharpness and, in general, the use of the telescope, do not diminish quality. Its metallic exterior is synonymous with resistance and adaptability for exteriors.

Undoubtedly, this telescope is an acquisition worth every penny, but that does not mean that it is exempt from certain weaknesses that customers – especially picky eaters – are not slow to mention.

The first and, therefore, more pressing, is the lack of impermeability of this telescope. This may be of little importance to some, given that a very low percentage of people make plans to look at the sky on days of rain or humidity, but those who love to “have it all” in their equipment, insist on pointing out this lack.

On the other hand, the redundant search engine also seems to contradict users. As they highlight in some web pages, on the scope there is a cross-shaped search engine that is very useful for hunting, but unfortunately, in celestial observations, it is redundant and moderately annoying. It’s not a complaint that weighs a lot, but it’s still there.

Celestron C70 Vs C90 Spotting Scopes

The most obvious difference between both items is the price. But if it should be considered within the physical and use characteristics, it is enough to say that the C90 surpasses its predecessor in certain aspects that are fundamental when it comes to hunting.

In diameter and approach lenses, for example, the C90 is armed with 90 mm solids that fit perfectly and lets in enough light to capture sharper images. The Celestron also has a remarkable image quality, but not so outstanding.

In lightness, however, the C70 is victorious, weighing just 970 grams. But since the impact between this and the image quality is not something that stands out, the Celestron C90 remains a more profitable option.


Clearly, customers are faced with an article that is marketed for more and less demanding customers. Its use for indoor and outdoor making it a versatile, adaptable, and, above all, compact telescope.

Being in search of articles that improve the field of vision is a challenge that hunting professionals face. Maksutov, as with his other copies, brought the solution and added features that dose and elevate the Celestron.

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