Many hunters are aware that their ability not only depends on reaching the target to the first shot but to do it with a suitable rifle scope like CVLIFE Tactical Scope. Some may boast of having a vision that helps them distinguish from a distance, but they usually need the help of a visor for their weapons.

CVLIFE Tactical Scope Reviews 2021

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A branded telescope may offer excellent features that reflect the functionality and quality of the product, but neither should it fall into the false belief that a cheaper item cannot perform the tasks with the same precision.

In the case of rifle scopes, it is clear that when they are cheaper than the average, their materials and designs are not of the highest range. It is estimated that the most expensive viewers raise a few hundred dollars and, although on average they have very few defects, the economy-quality relationship does not always meet all the expectations of the clients.

However, how good or bad can it be to have a cheap scope viewer? One, for example, as the CVLIFE Tactical Scope hunting rifle scope, to reach a conclusion, it is necessary to evaluate several aspects: its characteristics, virtues, defects, and the reaction of the users who have used it.


If you talk about technical specifications, it is surprising to discover that this viewer has a magnification capacity of 3-9 and a lens of 40 millimeters. Considering its cost and expectations, that relationship is not bad.

Physical properties:

The exit pupil is 5.1 millimeters and has a length of approximately 31 centimeters. The CVLIFE Tactical Scope weighs just 345 grams and the diameter is 25.4 mm. The scope includes a special internal and external structure that helps control the interaction between the two, reflecting the lasting reliability of these interactions, ensuring that the grid remains firm and does not turn sideways.

The CVLIFE Tactical Scope, with its intelligent design, allows the range to be shockproof and supports a more precise elevation adjustment. This viewer is built on a machined aluminum tube, barely an inch. However, it is considered a “mega strong” if compared to others in the market.

This article is completely sealed, filled with nitrogen one hundred percent, which makes it fog and rainproof. In fact, the tactical scope makes it skillful for any weather condition.

Thanks to its fully multi-layered glass, the transmissions of light are almost 90%. This translates into bright images and unparalleled color contrast. Also, its coating resists scratches, oil, and dirt.

Other characteristics of the CVLIFE hunting rifle reticle are its robust turrets and dials, in addition to the solid construction, its coated lens, and a red and green illuminated peephole – a very useful function for looking in the dark.


This hunting visor is designed with long-range optics. The magnification of its lens admits it and it is big enough to allow the entrance of the light, penetrating it and reaching a clear orientation.

The aluminum tube is covered in black and is proof of fog, water, and shock. However, it should be taken into account that not with the same measure of viewers in the market that are more expensive.


As mentioned before, the CVLIFE reticle allows as much light as possible; and prevents fogging in wet conditions. However, what most impacts of this peephole are that in daylight conditions it filters the image with enough sharpness to mark the objective.

In this area, the lighting can be switched off or increased gradually, especially when night vision is activated. The reticle, for that, comes with 11 general settings. The field of vision at 100 yards is 28 feet.

Finally, the adjustments for wind resistance and elevation are increased; and the range of adjustment, in general, is sufficient for what is expected.


The CVLIFE scope 2021 is a special compliment for a hunting rifle. That means that the closest customers to be interested in buying it with hunters: both novice and experienced. It is easy to acquire and its price is within the range of the most accessible items at Amazon and E-Bay.

Whether shooting at 50 or 100 yards, this grid is indicated because it stands firm and fits properly. Although the most common consumer will be hunters, it also works as a complement to shooting stations and hunting parks where they are allowed.

It is an easy product to transport, light, and valued by most customers. You might come to believe that your sales boom is due to the price, much cheaper than other competitive viewers. However, that does not detract from the positive comments that rain about him.

Are there comments that are not positive? Of course, but all brands – even the most expensive ones – are not always able to please all customers. In fact, criticism is not always the best indicator to ensure that a product is good, regular bad.

Regarding the CVLIFE reticle, the 4-star score of 5, based on more than a thousand comments from Amazon, leaves a very good taste and more securities than uncertainties.


Once the characteristics and purposes of the manufacturers and the clients were clarified, it was time to evaluate all the reasons why they should -or not-, get one of these products. All the pros are based on the experiences shared by people who used this viewer and left their appreciation on Amazon.

About this online store, the first virtue of the product is constituted, because very often it will be possible to get online, at a very low price and with completely free delivery -depending on the place from where it is ordered-.

On the other hand, what most satisfies the people of this rifle is its reach, marked by quality characteristics that are a real blessing if you consider the price. It is a solid, beautiful, and resistant visor.

It is built with robust materials but coated to give a better appearance, aesthetically more appreciable. It is easy to adjust, lightweight and it will be possible to reach the objective each time it is used. Also, the turrets are covered and are easy to adjust according to the tastes of the shooter.


While its price is what most attracts customers, this is also the reason that will keep many hunters away, especially the fussiest that will find as many defects as can be expected. However, there are realities that can not be hidden when a product is sold.

In the case of CVLIFE, the quality of glass is what most discourages, because although it is designed to be external agents, thickness and clarity decrease as night falls and night vision does not always work for some hunters.

Another negative factor of this view is that the frames that come with the range are not the best and are not adjustable for all rifles. This, logically, means for the buyers to have to acquire additional pieces that have a more or less accessible cost. However, for those who do not want to do this expense, it is a problem.

Finally, the complaint that most matches between Amazon users have to do with the manual, for some products, this is not so fundamental, but apparently for the CVLIFE viewer itself, and the instructions are not as clear or explicit as one might expect. That puts some people to install it and test it on the fly, which is not exactly safe when it comes to weapons.


The CVLIFE Tactical 3-9x 40 scopes 2021 are, in general, a good product of hunting and long-range shooting. What most delight users, after the price, is their robust and solid composition. The settings are easy to make and there will not be too many obstacles to shoot the target once it has been installed in the rifle.

The reticle is duplex and comes sharp and, the cost-quality relationship is what impresses most. This, generally, is what leads users to purchase products of the same brand. They are reliable and designed in the right way.

Of course, it is undeniable that there are better viewers in the market, but definitely for a much higher cost. This viewer is indicated for a type of customer: the one who does not want to spend a lot and does not need the best optics. For them, this reticle will be the item they will need in their shopping cart.

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