One of the most innovative models of the Japanese Nikon industry corresponds to the Nikon Black X1000 2021 series of images and optics. It is nothing less than the MOA Scope, a telescope characterized by its precision and aimed for those shooters or hunters quite demanding.

Resistant to all climates and adaptable in models and objectives, this device has the great advantage of its presentations. The 4-16x and 6-24x have the quality and raise the goal of any previously designed telescope. Thus, they raise the target of the company and the goals of their clients.

For those who have searched for a long time an excellent reflection MOA Scope, this may become your favorite choice. You only need to know the specifications of the product so that you can develop a notion of what your expectations may be about this Nikon equipment.

What is Nikon Black X1000 Scope made of?

In the pure style of its manufacturer, this device is assembled in 30-millimeter aluminum alloy, complemented by an internal gripping system of 90 MOA or 25 MRAD, with a fourth MOA.

The x1000 – so named by users – has hooks of adjustment and the tremendous quality of a turret that offers 12 MOA and 5 MRAD. A focal plane reticle, calibrated at 16x, adheres to its composition.

One of the advantages that gain more popularity among the public is its weight since it reaches just over 900 grams and measures 10 cm -according to the version of the series that is used-. Work with 1 lithium battery included in the package.

With the closest magnification, this device can focus up to distances of 30 meters, with an eye relief of 3.6-4. The illuminated reticle of 10 positions works continuously but has the advantage of turning off after detecting an hour of inactivity.

Nikon Black X1000 MOA Scope Review

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Finally, the multiple coating of this product is the icing for customers, since it adapts to all surfaces with the same anti-reflective capacity thanks to the knob that allows adjustment. Thus, in hunting and shooting practices, it will not be necessary to change position before each shot.

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According to Amazon users, the maximum point of delight they get with this device is the price-quality ratio. New users will be surprised for good when they try all the features of the Nikon Black X1000. These can be summarized as follows:


Conventionally, the products of the Nikon firm stand out for their excellent assembly. This line, as expected, does not disappoint; but it has been branded as “impeccable”.

Both its internal and external finishes -crystals, turrets, and bevel-, look and go perfectly. This feature positions because, in addition to providing the functions of a viewer, includes a much wider scope field.

The x1000 is made of an illuminated reticle, engraved with glass, and placed in the second focal plane of the viewfinder so that all postures, distances, ranges, and measurements use reticle under voltages extended to 18x.

Since the most valuable gear for a good optical device is the reticle, this Nikon device includes an X-MRAD; that is, an illuminated peephole, made of milliradian glass that provides its owners with 10 MRAD in both orientations -vertical and horizontal with marks in the middle.

Following the configuration part, this telescope brings about 10 positions on the rheostat, making all the brightness levels are sufficient and work under any conditions. Although it sounds complex, the truth is that everything related to MRAD is effective, simple, and orderly.

Design and Construction:

An interesting fact about this product is that it is manufactured in the Philippines. However, before developing any apprehension, it is appropriate to clarify that quality is not compromised at any time. Your optics and other tools are still excellent.

The reason why this, and all the products of Nikon Sports Optics are manufactured in that place, is the price – another feature that pleases customers.

In any case, the central tube of the Nikon Black x1000 is manufactured with a graduated aluminum alloy, making it rather durable equipment.

The back, customers describe, is a bit limited for the placement of rings. However, all the space leftover in the front area cushions this not so favorable aspect, becoming a very well received compensation.

During the days of fog, rain snow is when customers will appreciate more strongly the construction of this visor, waterproof fog, with an eye relief that, while it is limited, is easily configured.

The relief of the eye, that is to say, the distance between the eye and the ocular lens is also worthy of mention since when people use a high-caliber cartridge, relief of this type will be essential for them.

By the way of glassware, this Nikon product is simply great. The contrast and the sharpness of the colors stand out and, everything that should be covered, it is.

Its dimensions, although not the smallest and lightest found in the market, provide such a wonderful performance, leaving any detail off the ground.

Tracking and Turrets:

When it comes to visors and eye lenses, if there’s one thing that really matters, it’s the level of tracking. In this sense, the design of this device is assembled and marketed with the scope of precision rifles.

Verifying that this feature meets the expectations of customers is simple. From 100-meter targets, with vertical and horizontal target points, the entire constitution of this telescope firmly assembles the optics and range.

The optics are configured with .10 thousand clicks. In the center, there is an 18-inch referential objective that lands right in the middle of the grid. While it is level, the operation should not skid or act inaccurately.

As far as turrets are concerned, they are just as easy to set up and use, especially since clicks of .10 mils meet an appropriate spacing on the knob. The clicks, accordingly, are adequate enough to perform the correct aiming.

In this way, it can be concluded that in tracking, the Nikon Black x1000 is perfect, because it does not matter the separation between the shooter and the target.

Magnetism and Parallax Adjustment:

In general terms, the Nikon telescope is made up of a simple optics. Their characteristics are not too special and they do not border on simplicity either. Rather they stand out, becoming the tool par excellence for fans of hunting.

The magnification is 4x-16x and the objective diameter extends 50mm. The field of vision begins at 30 meters, but can easily be extended to 91-100 yards in the North American standard.

The tube diameter of this device is 30 mm, the relief for the eyes is 3.6-4 and the outer diameter of the eyepiece corresponds to 44 mm.

For its part, the parallax control is configured on a button located on the left side of the scope body. To help users with this and other specifications, simply read the instruction manual-well valued in Amazon reviews.

According to the manual, the configuration of the yards – and their value in meters – is done in the following way: 50 yards, 60 yards, 75 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards, 200 yards, 300 yards, 500 yards, and 100 yards, ending with the “infinite” option.

The same button on the left is the one that activates the lighting of the rheostat, with off positions between each level, but according to the rifling, both controls are adequate, with smooth movements.

Focal Plans:

This is another very important consideration when you are looking for a viewer. Some customers will prefer a type of first-range focal plane, while others will feel more comfortable with a second-range one. Each one, with its strengths and weaknesses, works well in the shooting range.

The main difference between the two focal planes is related to the grid since it increases in size as the expansion expands. In the second plane of focal scope, this does not happen; therefore, the first areas of the focal plane cannot reach the same levels as those of the second.

This feature, although important, will depend to a large extent on the utility and purpose with which users acquire this device.

Eye Lenses and Objective:

When speaking of eye lenses, it is important to measure the field of vision. If it is limited, tracking an objective could become a real challenge.

Fortunately, the Nikon Black x1000 complies fully with the standards established by users and the security standards that revolve around these devices. Thus, any risk of hitting something or someone accidentally is avoided.

With the objective lens -the furthest from the person-, the light penetrates the scope, allowing the objective to be focused more easily. In the measurement parameters, the objective is the number that is located after the X, in short, the denotation of the scope.

With the Nikon Black x1000 device, the configuration can come in 4-16X50. That is, the “50” is the diameter of the objective lens. The more expansion the diameter, the brighter and clearer will be the focused insight.

Hunters, shooters, or, in general, any weapons expert, knows that the success of their activities depends on a good objective.


Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of this device is glass. Of course, with an adequate transmission of light that adapts to any panorama, climatic condition, and surface, users value this feature tremendously. Also, the tracking and its tactile turrets do not go unnoticed when talking about the advantages.

For those more demanding, another point that could make a good impression is the compatibility of the turrets with the reticle, which are at stake. Even for amateurs, this quality is well appreciated, especially because some devices, for one reason or another, could cause problems when assembling correctly.

The price, more than accessible, also delights and interests buyers, especially those who use Amazon as a platform to acquire this product. Not only is it shipped internationally, but shipping charges are minimal and it has a lifetime guarantee.


Even though the Nikon Black X1000 is an excellently rated product, some features that dislike customers should be mentioned, especially because the decision of other people will depend on them.

As mentioned before, this telescope has a second focal plane that users do not like very much. Likewise, the illumination of the reticle causes animosity, as it is more opaque – though functional – than the rest of this Nikon series.

On the other hand, the turrets may suffer some minor defects, as well as the adjustments of the internal turrets, which may also be precarious. This perspective, however, is little shared in the review sites related to this device.

Finally, and just as the guarantee is a strong point in the pros, it also represents a disadvantage. Why? Because being Warranty who offers this opportunity, it is well known among buyers that this company, when it comes to Nikon products, is not as reliable as Vortex, for example.

How to use the Nikon Black x1000 on a rifle?

The reason why these tools are included in the market is due to the demand. And when it comes to objectives and focal points, Nikon raises the standard of its cameras to telescopes.

Based on this, and logically, the favorite buyers of this kind of product are amateurs and veterans in shooting, hunting, or any type of activity that includes weapons. Therefore, the fundamental question is: How do they work with each other?

Fortunately – and relief – of the buyers, the Nikon Black x1000 perfectly complements rifles of any kind, especially the Ruger American Predator – although there are many similar optics that do it equally.

The determinant, however, is distance. Between 0 and 100 meters, the operation is easy and impeccable. The turrets do exactly what they are supposed to help people with their fieldwork.

The long-range viewfinder makes the distance a little labored, but after aligning the range above 100 meters, most rifles should be able to impact an extension of at least 450 meters without any problem.

The reticle works perfectly, the turrets also; and an experience that customers will rightly appreciate, are the clicks of .10 thousand, well-spaced from the knob. The tracking is completed one hundred percent, regardless of the distance between the person and the target. In fact, this is something that impresses customers considerably.

In short, basic rifles is very well executed. It is assembled with simplicity, works correctly, and, after the reticle, there is no criticism worth using this product.

One point that must be taken into consideration is that Nikon’s objectives have different scope characteristics; therefore, the client must evaluate them all and choose accordingly.

The model 4-14 x 50, for example, is a little larger than the average, but according to the average size of the rifles, it works without major mishap. This is the one of the series Nikon Black x1000 that more is sold by its practicality and, because, in addition, it assembles, cleans, and saves easily.


If at this point there is still the question of whether or not the Nikon Black X100 2021 is the right decision, the answer will be invariable: it depends on the user. There are people who spend hundreds of dollars – or even thousands – on products that do not work according to their expectations.

The price-quality ratio is, therefore, something fundamental that this product provides and that, according to the reaction of its consumers, has turned out to be good. There are high-end features that this viewer includes, that other brands may not have, as well as other points that are omitted -and that are essential for a target of customers-.

But in general terms, and for the last time, this team does what it is supposed to do. It is not too ostentatious, it is made of resistant materials, solid but also light, and in terms of its objectives and field of vision, it exceeds expectations.

If you enter the budget, convince their characteristics, and learn to manipulate quickly, this investment will not disappoint. And if you do, you can always return it thanks to your lifetime guarantee.

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