Nikon P308 Vs M308 ScopesToday, We are going to reveal the truth of Nikon P308 Vs M308 Rifle Scopes and provide you the genuine reviews about both of them. This Comparison gives you an idea of which scope is best for you?

Everyone is familiar with the name of the Nikon brand who provides us with quality products, gears, accessories, and a lot of other things. The quality is in the name of Nikon because of the way they provide us with products with no other comparison of them.

The real problem is when you have a lot of choices of the one brand and you are confused that which one best for you. As the scene create here that you know both Nikon P308 Vs M308 scopes but you are confused about which is good for hunting or other purposes. So, Let me handle your problem and take you a broad idea and expand the features of both the best Nikon Scopes right now.

Before buying the scope make sure you use to know about the features and qualities of both scopes so you can make a good comparison between Nikon P308 and Nikon M308. The variations are everywhere and you can see some variations between these two.

Nikon M308 Scope Review

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All Nikon M-series riflescopes deliver high, very precise precision in every single AR platform rifle. They have the most specific caliber technology, zoom technology (4X), and have a fully coated optical system. The M line is entirely dedicated to maximizing the precision potential of any gauge or load that people have in their possession.

This exciting accessory uses Spot on Ballistic Match technology so it can match the M-Series scope. Plus, it provides ammunition for repeatable all-nail driving precision and a 4-16x42mm telescopic sight. Nikon’s M-308 today represents the highest precision AR Optic technology for each of the heaviest caliber rifles.

An expanded range in combined magnification plus a Nikon flagship optical system gives all shooters more accurate shots. This telescopic sight has a large magnification range with oversized lenses ideal for each of the heavy caliber rifles.

Nikon M308 has a multicoated lens that makes a good reflection and you care to zoom it for long-range. The lens plays an important role in the work of scope because if you don’t get the quality scope you can’t handle the target because it doesn’t visible to you.

Nikon M308 has well-balanced color and it just because of the quality of lenses which bright the image perfectly. This scope especially made under the Ballistic Match Technology and if you know about this technology you understand the value of it.

We as a hunter know that the weather situations and sometimes we do hunting in the rain or something like dust. The Nikon M308 is completely waterproof/Fogproof/Shockproof.

Sometimes we want to target something quick and we need to zoom in to find it and this scope helps you to Quick Focus Eyepiece for a better position.

Last but not least, the reticle is the main feature and part of a good scope that gives you more support and this scope has a BDC 800 Reticle.

  • Coated Optical System

It even provides superior light transmission and maximum brightness from sunrise to sunset. Keeps people’s eyebrows safe and contains 4 ” of consistent eye relief.

  • 4x Zoom Technology

That adds much more versatility to the riflescope by allowing wider magnification ranges from bottom to top. The zoom control is very smooth and is perfect for quick changes in magnification.

  • Calibrator technology

It is specifically built for Nikon’s AR-style rifles and M-series rifles. It is designed to simplify shooting at a longer range with a specific caliber and loads.

  • Water, fog, and shock resistance

It is nitrogen purged, and the o-ring is sealed, plus it is built for heavy-duty and rugged use. The main tube is only one piece, and the ARD is an anti-reflective device.

  • Good For Long Range Hunting
  • Multicoated Lenses
  • WaterProof
  • BDC 800 Reticle
  • None

Nikon P308 Scope Review

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The Nikon P-308 telescopic sight contains a powerful gauge that is specifically for .308 WIN (4-12×40). Nikon is an important brand that has expanded its line of WIN riflescopes of the highest precision by introducing new models. This new Nikon brand scope provides all shooters with what they need when trying to achieve their goals.

The 4-12 magnification, 60mm objectives, and lenses that are fully coated are part of this viewfinder’s innovation. To simplify field adjustments, Nikon has integrated some very essential features into the P-308 rifle. All shooters will enjoy the 100-yard parallax settings and fast eye focus.

The scopes with these characteristics are the most sought after by professionals for their great precision and design. Without a doubt, it is one of the best and most recommended.

Our second pick is the Nikon P308 scope and let’s start from the first point and that point is the lens. The Nikon P308 has a 40 mm objective lens which helps you to target the object but it is less productive than the Nikon M308.

The weight of this scope is less than the first one because it has only 19 oz weight and it is much less than you can easily carry while traveling.

While talking about the optics then I must mention that both scopes have the same 800 BDC reticle so both have the same feature of optics which is quite good and impressive.

The Nikon P308 has a view of 25 feet at 100 yards and you can better see the target as its lenses are good enough so you can view it at long range.

  • Fully multilayer optical system

It contains multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on each glass surface that provide the brightest images. The most optimal light transmissions can be made from day to night.

  • Generous and consistent eye relief

Shooter fronts can now be much safer, even with heavy recoil cartridges. Light rifles and severe firing angles also have eye relief.

  • Shock and water resistance

It has a full and waterproof performance against strong shock or fog. It is nitrogen purged and sealed with an O-ring.

  • SOBM technology

The P-308, like other Nikon rifles, is optimized with the best technologies. That allows people to discover all the exact pointing points.

  • Long Range Optics And View
  • High-Quality Lenses
  • WaterProof And fog proof
  • BDC 800 Reticle
  • None

Nikon P308 Vs M308 Rifle Scopes Reviews 2021

Now you know the main difference between Nikon P308 Vs M308 and you have a clear idea about both of them. The Nikon brand made it better and especially include great features for hunters so we can use it.


If you are waiting for my best pick then after this short comparison I go with Nikon M308 because it has more power and range than the second one. So, I also prefer you to buy the Nikon M308 Scope 2020 because other users also have a great experience with it. See the best scopes for 308 and check which you like the most.

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