Hi Scopes lovers, Today we are going to cover a very important topic that Nikon Prostaff 5 scope is good for your rifle or not. We are going to tell you the real truth behind it and cover all the important features that a hunter expect or even a new person.

No doubt, You are looking for the best rifle scope that’s why you are here so this is our responsibility to guide you in the right direction.

Nikon Prostaff 5 Proscope Review

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Before buying this you must know that why you need to use a scope well when we talk about a quick target or a stable and clear shot then it requires some gears which help you to the target in the right place and the gear is a quality scope. So, it’s important for you to be a hunter use scope.


First of all, we talk about the lens of the Nikon Prostaff 5 Scop. It is the first and most important thing because if the scope has a poor quality lens then you can’t see the object. Only the lenses help you to see the object from a long distance like 1000 yards. It has an 82mm quality lens. Which take brightness to the next level and manage the size according to the requirements.


Our second feature is Zoom, Here we cover why zoom effect much in hunting. Zoom will help you to see the target clearly. We can see that when we zoom the scope it breaks the image and you can’t see the target clearly. But this Prostaff 5 scope provides 20-60x zoom which is perfect for you to long-distance targeting. It provides a high contrast image with the right color of the target.


New hunters did not think about the weight of the scope and just buy it and when they get it then they realize it’s not easy to carry. So, always go for the lightweight scope so you can carry it easily, and it adjusts in your hands. Sometimes it happens that you can’t target with the rifle just because the weight of the scope is heavy. It also has Lightweight Porro Prism DesignInternal Surface which reduces the reflective light.


One of the most demanding thing in the market related to scopes. Mostly, Scopes brands provide the quality that their scopes are WaterProof it means that you can use it in water too. But the Nikon brand adds extra features with WaterProof. It has Fogproof Nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed which increase the beauty and demand of the scope.

A Strong Reticle:

We all know that a scope without reticle is incomplete because you can’t use it if you don’t have a strong reticle. Probably, It helps you to the target with a clear idea and you come to know how far your target is. Right now Ballistic Match Technology used in this scope which especially made by the Nikon brand. It made just because you can aim right and carefully.

  • WaterProof
  • 82mm Lens
  • 20-60x Perfect Zoom
  • Works Well In Raining Conditions
  • Lightweight And Under-Budget
  • Angled Eyepiece Rotate is Fixed


So, Now you know what is in the bag so you are able to go for it. We describe the whole features and define things in a good way. It’s your time to take it to the Next Level. If you asking about our suggestion then we suggest you can buy Nikon Prostaff 5 Proscope 2021 right now because it’s under budget and lightweight with extra features.

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